Perfect Solution to address P.T. wage gap

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by noazrk, Aug 9, 2018.

  1. noazrk

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    Seems like it's an ok contract proposal for new hires and top pay drivers, the senior part-timers in the middle are the ones neglected the most (kind of like the middle class).

    Current part-timers especially ones with 4+ years seniority are getting their seniority washed away or severely diminished. I’ve been here 11 years and had to scrape and claw my way from $8.50 to $18+ just to see new hires in Arizona go from $10.50 to $14.00 an hour overnight a few months ago! Did we get a $3.50 wage increase to keep us appropriately paid over new hire wages? NO! MANY co-workers with 3,4,5 years seniority are coming to me upset that new hires are walking in the door making the same as them. The glaring thing missing for us is a “catch-up” raise that the union negotiators were supposedly fighting for and didn’t get. My fellow union steward and I thought of a fair solution that addresses this. Along with the GWI which are very similar to the current contract (which has a starting wage of $10) we feel the union negotiators should ask for $0.05 per year for each year of seniority a current part-timer has with a cap of $0.50 per year of the contract. This would put everyone over 1 year experience modestly ahead of each other by wage seniority. With this model someone currently with 1 year seniority would be $0.25 ahead of a 2018 hire in the last year of the contract, 2 year employee $0.50 and so on ending with 10 year+ seniority employees going up the max level of $2.50 during the life of the 5 year contract. Since this was never an issue for 10+ year seniority employees EVERYONE over 1 year seniority will make slightly more than their less senior co-worker. This is a fair deal! It’s better for UPS than putting up every P.T. Arizona worker $3.50 an hour. Regardless of the current starting wage where you are, someone with 1 year more seniority than you should be making at least $0.25 more per hour at the end of the contract in our opinion. Who else thinks this is a great idea? If so PLEASE pass this idea on to your union leadership!
  2. Time for change

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    Please don’t forget the skilled pay fiasco. All are now considered skilled with this contract, but only those that were considered skilled on previous contract get paid for it. So the dollar(or lack of) is locked in forever each way, no matter the job you are doing. It’s plain wrong. Give everyone the dollar.
  3. Inthegame

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    When I was hired I made exactly as much as seniority drivers in three months. Nobody complained. Hmmm.
  4. Time for change

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    Problem is many of us part timers have 10-15 years and still 12 dollars or so short of other part timers. Nice you got where you did in a few months. Existing part timers are getting the shaft bigtime. Will take corruption on a large scale for this contract to pass as is.
  5. PT Car Washer

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    I was making 50 cents/hr less then a seniority FT driver after 3 months.
  6. LagunaBrown

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    10-15 years....Did you get a DUI or something? Why are you not full time?
  7. Just A UPS Guy

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    She has a medical condition that wont let her pass a DOT physical, and her husband died in a war so she raising 2 daughters on her own so she wouldn't want the hours anyway, and she'll never get a 22.3 job now cuz of 22.4, and she can't get fired cuz she's black and female.

    She's put this all over every other board in BC, geez, do some research.
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  8. BigUnionGuy

    BigUnionGuy Got the T-Shirt

    Don't forget....

    She's super smart and every elected Union official is old, dumb, corrupt, and white.
  9. fattybrown

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    I agree that would be a good way to help out by giving them .25-.50 for each year of service and setting a cap after 5 yrs. I hope the union would push for this IF it gets rejected.

    Reality is we all get screwed by corporate America at some point in our lives. If not multiple times. They think they are doing you a solid by bumping everyone up to the same amount.

    It could be worse by keeping those at their current wage and starting new hires ahead of them. I’ve had that happen before when I was on the dark side.
  10. noazrk

    noazrk Union Steward

    I've been with UPS 11 years and no I don't have a DUI, I did Saturday driving for a while, while I did ok it's just not something I want to do. I readily admit drivers have a harder job than inside workers and they should make more than us (not sure if it should be $15 vs. $40 an hour though). But really? Should we HAVE to be drivers to make $20+ an hour? Even after a DECADE of seniority? Think about that, a driver shoots up to top pay in 5 years, making over $35. Even though I'm a certified Responder, Acceptance Auditor and Sorter I'm still 2 raises away from 20 bucks! Inside F.T. jobs are scarce esp. with just Twilight and Preload shifts, even with my seniority I'm probably 5 years out. I feel blessed to get F.T. hours as a Part-timer and I'm not greedy, I just think when UPS raises up the starting wage SO drastically HOW can they leave us the same??? Last contract they went up from $8.50 to $10 and I didn't say :censored2:. This is FOUR dollars closer to me in ONE day....for unskilled loaders no less. Don't get me wrong, they deserve to make $14 an hour. Young people were quitting left and right at $10 an hour meaning more work for us....too much work for us. I also agree that it doesn't affect me as much as the UPSers with 3-4 years seniority, they've been here through a few peak seasons and now they don't even get .25 over a new hire? Doesn't make sense to me. I've worked non-union jobs where everyone senior than me made more than me.
  11. noazrk

    noazrk Union Steward

    That must have been a LONG time ago and I'm assuming you were a full-time driver right? Find it hard to believe a part-timer made anywhere close to a driver unless you were at FedEx! Also, it sounds like your vaguely comparing P.T. wages to F.T. Top Pay. It's kind of hard to complain when other people join you at TOP pay, which insinuates it's so high there is a ceiling. That is probably why I don't hear any drivers complaining about $36-40 an hour, at that point who cares what your co-workers make.
  12. noazrk

    noazrk Union Steward

    My question to Denis T is, how is it UPS doesn't have a problem pushing new hires from $10 to $13/14/15 an hour and drivers up to $40/hour but there's not enough money left to give senior people 0.05 to 0.50 extra a year? While getting the pension benefit pushed up an extra $1/hour for 5 years straight is impressive a lot of us would rather get a little more coin in our pocket instead!
  13. Time for change

    Time for change Active Member

    Not every union official is, but you can’t possibly argue most aren’t.
  14. Days

    Days Active Member

    If a part timer has been here for 5 years they'd get 25 cents per year. If a part timer as been here for 10 years they'd get 50 cents per year.

    I don't quite understand the gap there. Would make sense to just give everyone 25 cents a year or 1.25 over 5 years.
  15. noazrk

    noazrk Union Steward

    For the "proposal" we came up with the 5 year PTer would get 25 cents after year 5 of the contract. Yeah, we COULD ask for the .25 per year of seniority in year 1 but based on the tentative facts that Taylor's bargaining group asked for this ($1.25 for everyone regardless of seniority) and got shut down I figured maybe it would be easier for UPS to digest.

    Also, the way they supposedly started and what you're hinting at would give EVERYONE hired before the contract is official the $1.25 over 5 years even someone less than 1 year of seniority. IMO since a 9 month employee just went from $10.50 to $14.00 here, they don't need a catch up raise!

    UPS moved up starting wages $3.00 an hour ($3.50 in major Arizona hubs).
    We aren't asking for every senior employee to move up $3.50 which would be an unrealistic longshot.

    I think it's more fair and common sense like this (at end of contract):

    Senior Part-time Catch Up Raise

    1+ year : $0.25 (five 0.05 raises)
    2+ year : $0.50 (five 0.10 raises)
    3+ year : $0.75 (five 0.15 raises)
    4+ year : $1.00 (five 0.20 raises)
    5+ year : $1.25 (five 0.25 raises)
    6+ year : $1.50 (five 0.30 raises)
    7+ year : $1.75 (five 0.35 raises)
    8+ year : $2.00 (five 0.40 raises)
    9+ year : $2.25 (five 0.45 raises)
    10+ year : $2.50 Max Catch Up Ammount

    Even if the company stood firm at $1.25 to $2.00 an hour I would be happy vs. geting zero! It would also keep seniority intact regards to compensation. Anyone over 5 years has been getting contract raises and most of us are .50 ahead of each other.

    Thanks for reading and giving me your input. I didn't submit this to the union as an official proposal because UPS didn't raise the wages here from $10.50 to $14.00 until after the proposal deadline! I guess we should have seen this coming though with all the people quitting.