Permanent Disability, what next?

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by 9BL, Jul 30, 2008.

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    I am trying to come to terms with the possibility of facing permanent disability. Can anybody offer any insight as to what happens if an injury prevents you from ever returning to your current job? Are you just simply unemployed and uninsured after the STD runs out or will UPS try and place you in a different position? Is there permanent disability pay? Etc???
    If it makes any difference, this has not been claimed as a work related injury. Working at UPS obviously hasn’t (or wasn’t) good for my back; but I can’t honestly say that my back problems are solely the result of being a driver at UPS.
    I don’t want to ask my center manager or anybody else at UPS this question. I need to know absolutely for sure that I cannot return to work. before I put the last nail in my coffin.
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    If your doctor says that you are permanently disabled, you should consult with an attorney. This is too serious a matter to get a solution in a forum. Everybody has an opinion, but what works for me may not necessarily work for you. Workman's Compensation laws vary from state to state. You cannot expect a one size fits all answer here.
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    Sorry to hear you're having this problem. We don't know enough information to even begin to offer suggestions.

    Have you seen a company doctor or has your own doctor told you this?

    Does the company know anything about it at all? How are they responding?

    Personally, I'd hope that a management would try to find something in the building for you but that's up to the powers that be. I do believe we have a full-time inside worker who could no longer drive - not related to the job at all. Best of luck and take care of yourself.
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    Thanks for the very interesting comment. However, I am not really looking for solutions; just trying to get some idea of what to expect. I am sure that I am not the first person whose back has become so totally screwed up that they are permanently disabled. UPS must deal with this daily, I just don't know what the policy is.

    As far as the attorney I have never thought about that but I think that I would have a had time proving that the job was totally to blame, or then again I might not. I will explore that avenue. I have been very careful over the years, (only 8, which isn't very many) and I think that genietics played it's part also.
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    No, I have not seen a company doctor quite intentionally, the last thing I want is UPS involved in my medical care in anyway. The only thing that UPS knows is that I am out on STD. You would think that UPS would try and find a different position somewhere, but you never know with UPS.
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    I hope UPS take a humane approach to your problem. Its something I worry about all the time and I always consider the fact that we get regular training on HABITS to cover UPS in legal cases of this kind.

    They dont do it for you. They want to cover themselves. If you claim your injury is work related, they whip out the form you signed that says you understand I must seek assistance when lifting any object heavier than 25kgs.

    I hope you can find a solution. I would hope they can find you an alternative role outside operations. UPS is an equal opurtunities employer. It will come down to your history with the company. How many years service do you have?
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    From what I have read from your post since it is not a work comp issue since you did not file it in any timely manner.. and have been receiving STD.
    If you are unable to return to work without restrictions UPS will basically have no recourse but to release you from the payroll. If your in a large enough center and can get released back to duty without restrictions and then try to get a 22.3 job that your body can handle that might be a possiblity.
    But I think at this time it would be hard to go back and say it was the job that caused the injury.. that is why you would need to see an attorney. You did not give much information on how or what you did to yourself. But as far as I can see you will run out of disabilty payments in the future and you will then have to selfpay your medical which has some type of time limit on how long your able to do that.. Good luck.