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  1. I'm a part time employee and I'm on vacation this week. I posted a personal Holliday for the day after Memorial Day about a month ago. Well I got a call from another hourly saying they weren't going to approve anyone's personal says for that day. My question is do I have to go in on that day since I posted it a month ago and haven't recived an approval or denial from the center manager?
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    Id flip a coin. Heads go in, tails don't show up.
  3. 35years

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    Was the other part time employee in management? If not, you haven't been notified that your PH was denied by management. Enjoy your day off! And turn off your answering machine/voice mail and screen your calls so your boss doesn't reach you
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  4. UpstateNYUPSer

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    If you read his post a bit more closely you would see that the PH was never approved or denied.

    The OP needs to go to work that day.
  5. Johney

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    That would be incorrect here. You turn it in, they have 24 hours to deny, if they do not it's your day.
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  6. Brown Down

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    We have to have ours in 8 days before the requested day and they have 24 hours to approve/deny here.
  7. Shifting Contents

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    theyre correct upstate

    If he didn't hear back in 24 hours it's automatic approval

    HEFFERNAN Huge Member

    You're part-time, so if you are going to make UPS your career, take this advice.
    Most centers are run correctly and will take care of you but some will screw you over if you ask.
    Calling sick after you requested a failed personal day will put a target on your back.
  9. Box Ox

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    Same for my location. Management approves or disapprove any requests 8 days out from the date requested. Even if the day was requested much earlier.

    If they didn't do that, drivers with less seniority could request a date 1 month out and block out a personal day request that a 30 year driver requested 9 days out.

    It's not first come, first served where I am. It would be if the "management has 24 hours" thing were the rule. If it were they'd just deny all requests up to the 8 day deadline.
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    Why wouldn't you have asked your sup about the day before your vacation started? It seems to me if it were that important, you would have mentioned it sooner.

    How long ago you requested it isn't really relevant. You could ask for a day two months in advance, if a co-worker with more seniority asks for the same day 2 weeks after you asked, he is going to get it over you.
  11. 35years

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    We request 8 days in advance of the day requested, and management is contractually obligated to give 10% of the
    center the day off. They can not arbitrarily deny requests until 10% are granted the day off (by seniority). If they don't respond to the request by 7 days before the requested day, you get the day by default.
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