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    I've been at ups for a long time and know how things work, but, This problem puzzles me. I have 5 Personal Holidays, I used one, took that day off but the sup forgot to pay me. Usually when this happens, I just talk to sup, and he fixes it. My question is: If I don't tell the sup and my paycheck still says I have 5 personals holidays, does this still mean that I have 5 personals holidays to use?
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    yes you still have 5 days left!
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    Sometimes supervisors accidentally or purposefully give guys free days -- at least in my area, as long as you're coded as "layoff" and not "nocall", "calledin", etc. you should be fine. If you don't need the money, I would "forget" to say something just like your supervisor "forgot" to take a day from your bank.
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    I don't take no pays, happened once where they forgot to add it and I just requested a payroll adjustment to be made. It was in my next paycheck
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    Bear in mind that there is a delay on updating the bank if one is used. On a check where you do have a day paid out it will still say you have it in the bank until the next check.