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    as the title says, im kind-of kicking the idea of petitioning to have a shop steward removed, as well as trying to take his spot. I have talked about half of the 250+ PTers and they all said they would sign it. Among many reasons, this steward will not stand up for you even if you show him in the book where you are right. Hes best pals with the FT management and they let him do anything he pleases, come and go as he pleases, and he hasnt done any actual work in close to 8 months now. not only that by myself as well as many others have had him threaten us with warning letter, talk down to us and cuss us out as well as allowing management to do the same. In my as well as my fellow co workers we do not feel that this is how a steward should act, we have tried to talk to our locals president as well, and since they are friends and see each other at plenty of non union/ups events, the president has not returned any of our phone calls over the past few weeks.

    Basically Im just trying to get input on how to have this guy removed from his job and any input on the situation in general would be great.

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    Where is your BA in all this, he can remove a steward instantly if your accusations are true and proven. If these allegations are falling on "good ole boy" ears at the hall, sounds like your petition to remove the steward turns into a petition to vote in a new slate. See if your guys down at the hall will respond to that.
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    If only it could be that easy with Obama
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    haha, SO true. and the ones at the local are friends with him. I know I have called a few times myself, every time it goes to voice mail and i never get a returned phone call. The ones at the local wouldnt take a $8k+ grievance for back pay to panel because they used it for leverage for another grievance, called him out on it and ever since then he wont talk to me.
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    He said the stew and the prez are friends.
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    If you have that many pters not liking him as stew. Then just run against him.
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    Some locals (depending on by-laws) don't allow the election of stewards and simply appoint them.

    A petition is a solid start, but those "125+ PT'ers" need to be voicing those concerns at the union hall. If even HALF of that number showed up and made some noise, I guarantee you that steward would be axed before you could say "shill."
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    Is there another steward on shift things can be handled through in the meantime?

    Most of the rest I wanted to say has already been said, but really if there's that much of an outcry against the steward even if they're a buddy of the local pres it's hard for the pres to keep them.

    Also if you're in a RTW state, I know dirty word for the union, if you can get people to say they're withdrawing from the union because of this steward that's almost guaranteed to get some results.
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    Why bring Hoaxster into the conversation?
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    We had that problem on our preload. Will the part time people be wiling to call the union hall and overflow the voicemail? If so stand outside with a cell and have people make the calls one after the other. Then get the petition signed and dated by each part timer, have them print there names as well. Then send a copy to the local as well the ITB. It got the ball rolling in my area and that steward was history in a very short period of time. Don't give up and never back down. You will find when dealing with issues like this your conviction in the matter is the hidden contiction of many. They are just waiting for someone to lead them to the right road. You will find in order for the BA to save his own A## he will be more then happy to place the lazy steward under the Brown Package car.

    PS, send the ITB as many emails as possible from the other part-timers as well, fload that system as well. Good Luck.
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    genius among us
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    Whenever I hear about a petition I always think of the annual Mormon effort here to deliver petitions to Department stores trying to convince them to sell more modest clothes in our skin baring climate. Same effect.

    Read your bylaws concerning Steward elections and/or appointment prior to wasting your time with a petition.
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    thanks for the ideas yall. as one person said, ours here are not elected, they are just appointed friends of the pres for the most part (all but 2 out of the 8 or so i know of). and as for union meetings, they cancel them every time we are suppose to have one for one reason or another. We have a VERY DIRTY president who is rather high up there from my understanding. sorry it took so long to reply. Been dealing with pay issues as usual. I love having to file a grievance every week to TRY and get more then half my check. I would give anything to be able to bring the people at my local down and actually do there job the proper way
  14. PiedmontSteward

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    Union meetings cannot be "cancelled." Are you referring to the monthly membership meetings (which are mandated by the IBT's Constitution and a local's by-laws) or to more informal parking lot-style meetings? If the e-board is cancelling membership meetings (for reasons other than, say, a :censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2:ing blizzard or hurricane), someone needs to be calling the IBT in DC ASAP.
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    Your best bet is to bring up charges for failing to represent, when they union doesn't do it's job. Much like UPS, the Teamsters are another corporation vying for power and control of people. And of course money ;)
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    yeah i didnt think they couldnt cancel them either, but from my understanding by a steward in one of our delivery centers and another guy who usually attends them with him said they have canceled the last few for no apparent reason. Both told me that when they showed up for the meeting that there was a sign that said canceled due to lack of interest or something of that nature. We here have had more problems with our local then probably all the other brothers have had thought out there entire career.
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    Were they cancelled due to lack of a quorum? I know we do not have meetings during the summer months but have never had a meeting cancelled due to "lack of interest".
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    Sounds like you need to get a copy of your Local's by-laws. The appointment/election of Stewards will be detailed in it.

    As for the cancelation of meetings, a "quorum" (as defined in your by-laws) may not have been met. This will most likely be the reason.

    Once you familiarize yourself with the by-laws, you may decide to amend them. This procedure is also detailed in there.

    Research Robert's Rules of Order. You will need to understand the process and proper way to make a motion as well as how to prevent yourself from being railroaded in a Local meeting.
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    We vote at the May General Membership meeting to cancel June/July/August every year.