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    Heard some interesting rumors concerning the PHL operation:

    For starters, they are about to double the number of planes they receive a day, from 22 to ~40. Among other things, the day shift will be expanded back to 5 days a week. I wonder where these new flights are coming from. This appears to be more imminent than rumor.

    What is more of a rumor concerns what happens if UPS relocates so that the airport can build a third main runway. Rumor is the new building will be largely automated, like Worldport or CACH, leading to a lot of layoffs. In addition, the two package centers would be split between the OREPA and WCHPA buildings, leaving PHLPA strictly for the air operation. I wonder how the center being sent to West Chester would work out union-wise, as the two buildings are currently in two different locals.
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    While all new facilities have the automated sort aisles, if they are expanding and bringing in more volume they'll need more people. Thousands work at worldport.
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    Does PHL have enough gateways to accommodate twice the number of planes?

    The air ops guys would notice an influx of equipment if a move was happening. Any of you philly air guys see new equipment?
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    Well, during peak they'd handle up to 32 in just one shift; I've seen that when I used to work there. PHL used to be busier than it is now, but a number of flights were diverted to Louisville so as to more fully use that facility's capacity.

    That's a relief to hear. (Actually, now that I think about it, 89 is the largest local, right?)

    I also wondered if some of the affected employees might be allowed to transfer to the other two facilities, which would need some of them to handle the influx of work they'd receive, as well as increased volume.
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    All very good points. I can also add that the oregon ave building with have a night sort shortly and will bring in 2oo new jobs. All part time though. Still no new full time jobs as we were promised in 623

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    We are adding a new sort also at our hub with lots of new full and PT jobs. We will be helping some other major hubs that dropped the ball at peak last year.

    Sure looks like UPS is determined to be able to handle ANY amount of peak volume this go around. Its cool to see UPS actually get aggressive with growth. Maybe something big with Amazon is going on?

    Haven't seen this much growth:wink2: activity with this company(UPS) since they bought an airline.