Photo shows teen stealing package off doorstep

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    Photo shows teen stealing package off doorstep - Detroit Free Press

    As Americans' online purchases ramp up to new records, authorities say that the arrest of two teens in Macomb Township for stealing packages from doorsteps is the tip of a growing criminal iceberg.

    The brazen pair were caught by police shortly after one was caught on a resident's camera phone, dashing from a porch cradling a big Macy's box.

    The teens had cruised through a subdivision right in the path of a United Parcel Service delivery truck, stealing from one house after another, Macomb County Sheriff Anthony Wickersham said.
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    I hope he DRed that box behind the bush...
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    Oh, wait there was a doormat...
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    These are the places where I wish the customer had a box to put the packages in. Some of these homes just have no good place to hide them from the street. Personally, I wouldn't have even bothered with the mat in this case.