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    Well alot of you seem to know your stuff so I need your help. I am 20 years old(next week)and have been working at ups for over 2 years, I am picking off by myself with little help, about 10mins of help in a 4.5-5hour shift and have been for about 10months this use to be a 2 person possition, untill we got a new shift sup. Well the belt is like 4.5-5 feet wide and, they think i should be able to do this my my self all night and i am sick of it, it hurts my knees,back and arms. I am not being a baby or anything. I have been telling my sup that i can't work safe because i am out of my power zone. He has no clue what to say he just says "push them" which makes no sences because i am still over exteding myself. I plan to bring it up at the safety meeting, they found out which i really dont care, me and the shift sup have got into it with each other a few times he just thinks he is always right about eveything and talks down and screams at everyone. The shift sup says he cant wait for me to bring it up at the meeting and running his mouth, i dont care i am not scared of him, but he thinks he is a bad ass or something. Do you guys think this is a lost cause or should i keep at it? is this a good reson? any suggestions?
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    If you honestly fear you will get hurt, you absolutely should fight. UPS is not allowed to instruct you to do anything illigal. immoral or unsafe.

    If your safety commitee will not take care of it, file a grievance stating that you feel you are being instructed to work unsafe.
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    Thankyou, anyone have any more suggestions.
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    YES - tell PE you want a DIV-05 placed opposite your position. It's a half diverter used just for this situation that directs the packages closer to one side of the belt but doesn't stop the flow completely.
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    Read all of Article 18 Safety. (You may need to read the 2002 version online if the current version is unavailable.)

    "The Employer and the Union agree that the safety of the employees and the general public is of utmost importance."

    Section 20.4 Safety and Health Committees
    3. "Conducting periodic inspections of the facility to ensure that there is a safe, healthful and sanitary working environment in each center."
    - - - - -
    UPS Master Agreement & Regional Supplements:
    - - - - -
    A half diverter on the opposite side of the belt is standard proceedure at UPS. Usually it is a little upstream so it isn't in your way. The diverter can be fixed but easily removable. Or it can be opperated by a spring that pushes packages to your side of the belt, but opens wider to let larger packages pass without jaming up.

    You should be pushing packages, not pulling them toward you. Dont work outside your power zone. Avoid end-range motion. Learn to talk the Safety talk. At UPS the S-word gets action. :wink2:
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    Having done pickoffs by myself years ago, and having plenty of time to dwell on how much the job sucks and how easily you can injure yourself by being forced to not follow methods (which is what you are dealing with)..here's what I came up with.

    "other side, let it ride"

    "label down, send it around"
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    Talk to the CHSP person.
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    California Highway State Patrol
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    im a pick off, i have been doing it for the past year, i know how u feel about picking off, but im 5'7 and pick off by my self and work anywhere from 6 to 8 hours a day at picking off. its not too bad, but like everyone else said if u feel you are not working safe then tell them. when they give me hell for belt stops etc i just tell them to take me down and put someone else up to handle the heavy flow and they stop after that.
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    Above is the best advise you will get because your sup is telling you to disregard safe work practices.Do your best and if the moron gives you any grief just smile and say "I am doing my best". And do not worry if you are going to stay he will be gone in short while to dispense his non-wisdom somewhere else.
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    Thanks for all the comments i debated if i should ask thid question and am glad people can relate with me and glade i posted this.

    Heart you said lable down or cant reach it to let it go but i can't the setup is 4 chutes on each side then one half of the belt goes down a chute for tralior 5 then the other half of the belt has a little divirter(sp) that goes to tralior 6.

    What is chsp?

    And my sup told me to push not pull. But i said i am still out of my power zone and could pull something every easy tring to push a 70lb box into a chute.

    Thanks for your help everyone, the sups are trying to steamroll me:angry:.
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    Safety committee is CHSP if you you use this process it should be helpful.
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    Push is PREFERRED over pull, but both can cause injury if you are doing this out of the "power zone!". Technically neither is acceptable if it is not within reasonable distance to your body.

    The idea is not to compromise your own health for this company. If you reach over and across the belt 500-1500 times a night to push a package that is 500 to 1500 times too many.

    One of our co-workers, another FT inside guy, hurt himself at UPS with shoulder and arm problems and is out from surgery. He was a very hard worker, and infact worked too hard. Was not great with the methods, either. 4 months out so far. Do not end up like him.
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    I actually got a ride by our chsp person and like most ups mangement this person actually had no idea on how to interact with customers, deliver a cardboard box, or handle the diad. Maybe that's the way ups wants it.
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    Jesus Bro

    We have 3 belts in my building which have pick offs...

    but only one of them have 2..and thats the one Im on....now it gets heavy enough to where it can be stressful for two people, and the other 2 belts with only one pick off, they get slammed as well.

    I know what you mean, the main pick off on my belt is always 20 minutes late due to his day job, so Im always picking off by myself for the first half hour or so, and yes it can get very annoying because the belt is indeed wide, and boxes dont always fall on myside, so I always have to reach, and all types of stuff.

    My P/T sup is the same he claims he knows everything, but he still is always asking me... HEY STEVE...is LA 2-Day ok? YES BRIAN...it is...this is almost a everyday thing, always asking me about where does something go...and he is the supervisor??? the sup has to ask his pick off the sort?

    If you ask me man, if he continues to push you where you know he is wrong, and you already tried talking to him, go to ur P/T manager..if no luck..im sure ur in the union..contact ur union rep if it gets out of hand.
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    Ok very helpfull information, my sup for my area isn't bad anymore (since i got a letter of commitment aginst him). But he is 2 faced says one thing to me and tell the shift sup another thing. My shift sup told my area sup to ask me why i shut the belt of once in like an hour (for a clump of box normal right?) I told my sup that if the the shift sup wants to know to come up and talk to me. He didn't come up, he just likes to try and make me mad. Now that the shift sup knows i am bring this up he is just talking **** about me to my area sup:angry:. My area sup tells me what he says we are friends (out side of work). I guess all i can do is wait to see if the shift sup says anything to me. All this drama form a 40+ year old man acking like a kid.
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    sounds like ur sup needs to get laid IMO...cutting of the belt is normal, sometimes you have no control over the flow, it might jam up on the belt right off the isle, and " they " might cut it to break the jam, so by the time they turn it back on, much more was dumped on the belt, so by the time you get it...you have alot more flow at that one specific time than you should of causing you to cut the belt if needed if the break isnt working good enough at that time.

    Dont let him tell you ... " you cant turn it off " that is BS...I pick off with a 2nd person, and we even have to cut it sometimes....
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    Thank you UPSSOCKS
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    I dont get it....
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    Stay tuned you will. The troll could appear at a moment.