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    anyone know these dudes?"
    a coolpkgcar.jpg
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    The guy on the left looks like me back when I first started working for UPS.
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    I have a parcel enroute that seemed to be progressing normally. At Salt Lake City it arrived in late evening. Instead of leaving early the next morning the UPS tracking said there was an
    "exception" and, quote, "the package was missed at the destination location and is delayed."

    What does this mean and/or imply?
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    Call the 800 number, have the center call you. I had it happen back in July, my grandsons bday present. I was suppose to be in TX for his Bday, but then my husband had a heart attack. The center manager called me, it was misloaded 200 miles away. It was marked missed at 2pm, that guy got it there that night, Im not sure how, but he made it happen. Im sure a driver sacrificed his eve, but he did it, thats what we do. Great guy, a UPS star in my book! He didnt have to but he did. Try doing that at Usps, or Fed ex.. Otherwise if its delayed, ask for a refund of shipping, its guaranteed. Give us the tracking number.
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    I don't know the men but that truck looks just like the one they gave me to deliver Sat. air. And that's with every other truck available. :lol:
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    Looks like a couple of stiffs to me.
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    The guy on the right is parcel driver O. Ferdispatch with his helper and recent immigrant Donthin Jisrun. They were making some pickups at the Finkelstines store in portland oregon when photographer Len Seye happened by and noticed the clean truck and glimmering paint job. Picture taken sometime around 1929. Many historians believe it may have been the last time a ups package car was actually washed.:thumbup1:
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    Many historians believe it may have been the last time a ups package car was actually washed. *Giggle*
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    Amy, ups drivers never giggle.
    You can google but if you want to giggle
    go to
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    I think we can make an exception and let Amy giggle!
  12. I wonder if they had to be under 9.5 back then?
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    That was back in the day when UPS corporate actually took into consideration the input from the local management an hourly employees..Unlike today, Mr. Davis.
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    This photo reminds me of a long deceased friend of our family. Her husband delivered for UPS out of the Cincinnati building before WW2. She told me how her husband used to have a helper year round and had to work Saturdays. She couldn't believe that we didn't work Saturdays anymore. (this was before we had Saturday air). When the war broke out, he joined the Merchant Marines. His ship was torpedoed by a submarine and he was lost at sea. She told me that he was the only person that didn't return from the war in the Cincinnati building.
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    LOL :tongue_sm Great DS now I am picturing my drivers all giggling! Too funny!

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    Amy looks like a giggler! Don't let anybody stand in your way! You giggle girl!!

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