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    A few years ago the kids and I spent a few days the week after Christmas in Syracuse. We went to a basketball game and there was a pizzeria fairly close to the Carrier Dome. It was down a side street and was a college hangout---was that the Varsity? The pizza was very good.
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    My favorite one in Syracuse is where they have the candles in old Chianti bottles at each table. Booth near the back with you by my side.
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    Vern's Pizza in Edmonton. If you can eat more than 2 slices, then you were pretty much starving hungry !

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    [​IMG]That's the Mama Mia challenge : Finish off an 18" in 30 minutes you earn $1000, or finish off a 15" in 30 min, and they'll pay you $100.

    The first pizza above is the Meatlovers pizza, 2nd one must be a house special one . No matter which one you choose - they all come "FULLY loaded" !
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    The Varsity is a very good pizza joint. I think they have been a semi-finalist before. Varsity Pizza - Syracuse | Urbanspoon
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    That meat piled up inside that pizza makes me want to puke!!! I just like a little pepperoni spread meat!
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    To be honest, also many others , including my older brother, loves all that meat, I'm not one of them.
    That's why if ever order there, I do not choose the meat lovers pizza, but my bro orders it all the time.

    I swear, 1 slice of that pizza contains about as much meat as 3 or 4 Subways footlongs !
    Too much meat for me, too !
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    Chicago deep dish: Gino's East.

    Regular crust : Aurelios

    Small town bar style: Tigers Den, Herscher IL
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    . Oh yes Aurelio's wife grew up in homewood-flossmore area. When we visit family we live on the stuff. One sister in law lives right down the road from one of the ones the original family still runs they swear it's better than the franchise ones I love it all.
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    Guess this will sound strange. When I was stationed in Germany, there was a place outside the kaserne (barracks)
    that servered tuna fish pizzas. They were great.

    Never been able to find any other place that offers that type and taste.

    It amazes me how many different local places have great pizza here and all over the world.

    American pizza history:
    The first printed reference to "pizza" served in the US is a 1903 article in the Boston Journal.[SUP][14][/SUP] The first "official" pizzeria
    in America is generally believed to have been founded by Gennaro Lombardi in Little Italy, Manhattan.
    Gennaro Lombardi opened a grocery store in 1897 which was later established as the first pizzeria in America in
    1905 with New York's issuance of the mercantile license. An employee of his, Antonio Totonno Pero, began making
    pizza for the store to sell that same year.

    History of pizza - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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    Pizza... i just love it if it would be the chicken pizza... I don't like when butter is over sprinkled... Anyhow it will be a catchy dish by all child and youth.
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    I prefer a simple pizza. If it's thin crust, it can hold more than 3 toppings. The Sicilian can hold more because of all the dough, but that's too thick for me. Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't turn it away; I just prefer the thin crust.
    Cam's has a very good pizza. Chewy crust. Wise Guys Pizza in Chaumont is the best around here(Watertown area). They spend the extra money on the ingredients. The flour is the key.
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    We have several pizza places that hides the meat/toppings (or most of them), underneath all that baked cheese.
    I love pizza that way.

    Oh yeah, our pizzas here are not meant to be folded !
    I seen that in Florida for the first time ever !
    Yikes !
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    It's not my favorite, but Mystic Pizza is not bad; it amuses me to sit in there and eat.
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    Is this the same as the movie?
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    I wondered also. :speechless2:
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    That's not a pizza. That's a sorority stunt.
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    I made refried beans pizza today. I wanted something different...