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  1. trebor

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    Tomorrow I will be going in for my second interview for a Plant Engineering position. This will be a practical hands on test from what I understand. I'm curious if anyone could clue me into what is the general make up of this test entails. I was told to be ready to spend 4 or 5 hours at the facility for the test. I did quite well on the written section during my first interview but I just want to be prepared for this. Guess I'm nervous.
  2. spuman

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    If you can put a square peg in a round hole your in.
  3. rushfan

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    They will ask you if the toilet paper goes on the roll so it rolls off the top or from behind.

    Also, they will ask you what wattage of light bulbs should be used in the dark closet where everyone from i.e., tsg, to drivers put crap.
  4. Bryishre

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    Part of the test is welding.
  5. trebor

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    Aced it! No problem...