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    Hello, I recently got hired as a loader (I've been loading trailers for 2 weeks now). I like the loading job, but I'm getting close to finishing my college degree in Electrical Engineering, and I've been working the past 2 years as a commercial electrician. Do you think I qualify for Plant Engineering? I looked at the job qualifications, and it seems I quality for just about all of them. I know how to weld, lots of experience fixing misc. stuff, have my own hand and power tools, etc.

    Can they work part time? Does anyone know about how much per hour they earn starting out? Anyone work in Plant Engineering and know this type of thing?

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    Find a PE guy in your building and talk to them :happy2:
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    Depending where you are the pe guys are in a different union so you would have to quit and get rehired. The starting pay is 75% of rate which is $21.96 and 5% raises every 6 months, after a 2 year progression you are a journeyman. Some buildings have partimers and some don't, again it depends where you are. They make you take a written test which involves eletrical and hydrolics. And a hands on test...
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    If you are qualified, which it seems you are, with college and some exprience then you should immediately make an appointment with the hiring PE supervisor and tell him your case..
    He will know if he is hiring or not and get details from him.. and i would also write a letter of inttend that you are interested in the P.E job. mind you it might take weeks to months to years to get the job. But if you are in the waiting list then you have a way better chance.

    good luck,
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    Don't matter if you have the qualifications anyway. Everything is outsourced and contracted now. You'd be just a lube person.
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    Paul -
    Depends on the area of the country - mechanic jobs can be a timing issue to get hired. Most guys that get f/t journeyman positions are lifers. Electrical skills, especially trouble shooting, are a must. Another option would be for management position - tough right now with mgmt hiring freeze. Definitely stop in and talk with the local PE supv or facilities engineer to see if they may have any openings in the future.
    Good luck.