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    User Name Only 230 Today?? lol

    I guess when you are that high up you don't have to use your horn..
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    I like the bulk head door action.
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    i've talked about this vehicle for FedEx Home Delivery contractors...

    over there, a contractor or 2 were buying those crappy upfitted cargomaxx vans when they can have this one made for the delivery industry...

    PS: why don't they say it's the Isuzu Reach ???


    I'd rather have this vehicle than the cargomaxx vans; sliding doors & cargo pass-thru are going to be much faster and safer than ole' swing out doors of cargo vans

    PS: check out the other 4 vids on that youtubes link... you'll see your company in there as well :peaceful:

    PPS: i'm sorry for those HD contractors that bought those up-fitted cargo vans

    cargomaxx van.jpg
    cargomaxx van.jpg
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