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  1. Has anybody notice that the Bonus numbers are way off with the same exact palnned day as of 5 months ago....
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    You must be working longer, if your bonus is down. Did you get Orion in the meantime. They will do 'virtual time studies' using Orion to cut your time allowances.

    Back when I could run bonus, It seems like the lightest days was when I ran bonus. Use to write on preload comm card that I wanted that day everyday, but that never worked. I had no idea how they got those numbers anyway, digital dart board was my guess. Sups always said full truck was a happy truck. Mine's ecstatic, normally.
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    I've always noted that bonus days are the ones where every delivery is one tiny package and excessive mileage. Overallowed days are the ones with less miles and every other delivery requires a hand truck.

    They've always told us the one tiny package per delivery is not profitable. And that the routes with bulk are the profitable ones. Why pay us bones on unprofitable routes?
  5. it must just be our bldg. they are shady. here is just one example, i have logged all my work days, i am now going over it to see how much they have taken from me, this dates back 5 yrs. we are not on orion nothing has changed...
    141 stops 59 miles 50 dr 5 cod's 272 pkgs 177 under
    156 stops 58 miles 42 dr 2 cod's 258 pkgs 122 under
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    The under is how you performed. What was the planned day for each? That's the true comparison.
  7. not sure on the plan

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    They can change your allowances at will.

    About a week before one of the more down to earth CMs I had was to be transferred he pulled me into his office. I had bailed him out a few times and he had hooked me up with a few Fridays off when I needed them at the last minute. There was a lot of mutual respect between the two of us and he was universally liked in our center.

    Anyway he says "You never saw this but it will explain what you will be seeing every few months..." and shows me an easily editable table with all of our center's area numbers and the individual stop allowance for each area. He highlights one number, cuts it in half, and says "Tim's 9 hour planned day just turned into a 4.5!"
    He changed it back and asked me "You understand?"

    "I do."

    "Good. Pleasure working with you now get out of my office!"

    When he left my center an 8 hour planned day on my route was 95 stops 250 pieces and 30 P/Us 150 pieces. The week before I went to feeders I ran 185 stops 400 pieces 32 P/Us 150 pieces and was UNDER 8!
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    Which is why most would agree, try not to pay attention to the unrealistic "on-paper" data UPS comes up with.

    They're using the same modeling methods used in other tech industries for their "forecasts".

    I try to think of it in this way; weather forecasters can't accurately depend on the weather models to construct a forecast and similarly UPS can't accurately depend on their own modeling for real-world honest results. Yet they insist on using the "best-case" assimilations of their data and applying it to the real world in much of the operations aspect.

    No weather forecaster could afford to run their business or career strictly using computer-based modeling. Grim and self-destructive use of technology.
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    I'm a tcd and there are some routes where I feel like I've done nothing all day and bonus 2 hours, and others where I'd run 200 stops by 9.5 and be 200 clicks over. I usually don't worry about the numbers. Couldn't care less if I come in 7 hours over. As long as I made service and stayed safe.