Please explain differences between UPS-MI and SurePost plus other related questions

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    I know MI packages go through a completely different system than Surepost, but what I'd like to know is the difference in where the UPS to USPS handoff happens. From what I understand, one system hands off to the USPS DC that services my local post office and the other hands off at my local post office. Do I have that right, and which is which?

    Also, I'm curious about the rates and surcharges. They are not published and I believe are negotiated individually. Generally, how much lower are they, 5%, 10% or more? Many on line retailers use MI or SurePost as their free shipping and only offer upgrades for next day or select services. Sometimes I'd gladly pay an extra dollar or two so that the packages go standard ground. The only benefit with those systems is that I can get a package on Saturday, however, the same package probably would have arrived Friday if it went ground.

    BTW, I noticed that Surepost uses 1Z tracking numbers while MI uses an entirely different system. Was MI an acquisition, or created ground up by UPS?

    Also, how is it that the USPS handling time is always inversely proportional to how quickly I want the package to arrive?
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    Re: Please explain differences between UPS-MI and SurePost plus other related questio

    Mail Innovations is a division of SCS and is designed for packages, normally envelopes, weighing 2lbs or less. The packages are picked, packed and shipped by SCS employees using USPS shipping labels and brought directly to the local USPS DC.

    SurePost is a service (?) offered by UPS Package by contract to large shippers as a low-cost, no-frills ground shipping option. UPS employees process these packages and they are delivered by a UPS driver to the Post Office. (More SurePost is being delivered directly to the consignee rather than to the Post Office)
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    Re: Please explain differences between UPS-MI and SurePost plus other related questio

    Wow, thanks for the quick reply. Got it. I believe I've had Surepost dropped of at my house before, but I think that was on a day that i also had a ground package. Is that decision made by the system or the driver?

    So MI is a complete fulfillment system? I've noticed that their system isn't nearly as sophisticated as the rest of UPS. I recently placed 8 small orders with an on line retailer. There must be no consolidation routine in their order queue. I received 8 boxes, all large enough to fit all 8 orders.

    I write software for mobile devices and most of it is related to item visibility. I'm always impressed with how UPS's sytems are so well suited to their business processes. Must be a lot of communication between the users and programmers.