Please help me with a school project I want to be a UPS driver


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I am a highschool student my name is William. When I graduate school I want to get my class A CDL and do this amazing job you guys do.

For my school project we have to figure out what are our dream jobs and the future prospects for that job and room for advancement etc...

My teacher has spoken to me directly and basically said that truckers are 100% going to be obsolete within the next few years due to companies like TU simple , waymo and embark.

This now has me extremely concerned about my future. I have nothing else that actually interest me I do not want to a be a programmer or push paper for 8 hours a day.

So as of now I'm 17 years old is my teacher and parents right or will I be able to actually retire from trucking without being displaced by technology?

I have been following the subject closely and the technology is crazy from what I understand they have level 4 self driving capabilities.
30 or 40 years ago they also said there would be flying cars and the poles would be completely melted by 2020


I would assume that feeders would be replaced before package car drivers. Not talking smack about feeders (for once). Just saying...

Nobody can predict the future, you can only prepare and plan.