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    What happend was that I got a full time driver job. Four days into driveing I broke my leg off the job. I was out of work for four months. I broke my leg 4/19/08 I returned to work on 8/20/08. We began a new contract the beginning of aug. They payed me under the old contract for awhole year at 14.70 an hour. Then a year into it i had not recived a rasie at all. So i asked for a payroll inqure. After i did that they started to pay me under the new contract which stats at 16.10 an hour. So for a whole year they shorted me 1.40 an hour for a whole year. The old contract took two and half years to get to top pay and the new one takes three years. They are telling me i should be under the new contract not the old one. because i disqualifed myself by getting hurt. I should have been at top pay in Oct. but still nothing.
    Is that how that works? what disqualifes you? I thought if u were disqualifed you had to wait to drive?
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    Did you get your 30 days in as a casual before you were injured?
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    It sounds like the union and UPS worked out a side-deal to keep you driving and not DQ you because of the injury. I think you should keep your mouth shut on this issue, just IMO. Technically if you were DQ'd you cannot drive for one year from the DQ. Therefore, you would not have a FT driver job right now if you push the issue because UPS would likely play the DQ card and the union probably can't fight that (as far as I know, anyway).

    If you started driving again in August and your seniority date is 8/20/08, you would fall under the new contract and that should be a three year progression.
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    One thing I'm thinking though, maybe if the employee is out on disability that their progression should pick up where it left off when they went out.

    I'm assuming it was a bid sheet signed and the position went to the most seniority (The OP). Therefore they can't be DQ'd while on dis?

    Not sure, interesting scenerio.
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    I think the grey area is being taken advantage of, again.