Please Update Your Pick-up Log and DOL


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Management is going to need these updated so replacement workers can do your job in the event of a work stoppage.

Thank you.


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Just follow Orion! Lol

2 of my businesses wouldn’t get their stuff till 1 or 3 pm depending on how Orion places them.

The one I always drop while doing my air because it’s 20-50 packages, the other I only deliver early if they have larger packages because it hits my 1000 shelf and the large packages take up 5’ behind the bulkhead.

That second one gets pretty upset when I don’t deliver till 1-1:30 range, I tell them I’ve messaged and called the center and they won’t adjust it... basically if you want it earlier pay for air instead of saver/ground... even tho I drive by it 5 times a day.