Plenty Of Road Runners In Feeder Also !

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by anonymous6, Aug 22, 2013.

  1. anonymous6

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    we have plenty of roadrunners in feeder too. guys who speed all night, do half-assed pre and post trips, start early and work off clock, cut TAs in half the time, never go to the shop, and lots of other things.

    don't ask me why cause I don't know why. it makes me ashamed that I work with a bunch of drivers that don't have any pride and don't know how to act professionally.

    and what makes me really sick is that these kiss-asses are the darlings of the managers!!!
  2. over9five

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    I used to start with a guy who just jumped in his tractor, started it, and took off. Never EVER did a pre-trip.
    ​Makes me sick.
  3. UnsurePost

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    That's scary and quite arrogant. I'd have to question where the line is drawn between saying something, or not.
  4. over9five

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    Good point, but c'mon, they already know he doesn't do a pre-trip. They know every second of what we're doing especially in the yard. They complain when we're here too long. Obviously, if he's getting out of the yard 15 minutes before the rest of us, there is only one way to do that every single day.

    "Darlings of management", like the OP said.
  5. 104Feeder

    104Feeder Phoenix Feeder

    Package habits die hard.
  6. Wally

    Wally Hailing from Parts Unknown.

    ​What's a TA?
  7. didyousheetit

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    hopefully, we won't hear of pilots on here saying the same thing. "just jumped in the seat and off we go"
  8. anonymous6

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    TA is turnaround point. whether another hub or a place where we exchange trailers with another driver.

    most of these drivers are former package drivers or non union. I asked one of them how much he made last year since we have the same exact run and he told me. it was 7k less than I. that's a lot of money he is paying for "job security."

    the main reason i'm ranting about it is because a manger commented that I "sure get a lot of hours on this run" and I asked "compared to who?" and he didn't say anything.

    QKRSTKR Active Member

    That's too bad. I have noticed it also in my short time. Guys pull up to the Dollie pile put it on the pintle and off they go. No lights plugged in or anything.

    In the last 2 weeks I've been to the shop 4 times lol. Bad light cord on tractor, no marker light on trailer yesterday, bad crommets on glad hands, oh and a front corner marker light. If they aren't all on off to the shop I go.

    What I love most of all is I can have almost an hour to an hour and a half of local sort time on my TA yet they want me to rush off property when i start so I can have even more sort time. Stupid. Still a numbers game.
  10. cachsux

    cachsux Wah

    I just can't grasp how someone rolls a long chassis trailer 25 miles through the freeways around Chicago from the rail yard to Cach with the box sitting on top of one of the front pins?
  11. anonymous6

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    about a month ago we had a guy roll thru the scales with a long chassis with all 4 locks UNLOCKED! I heard he earned himself a $2000 fine. $500 for each lock.
  12. Steward773

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    We have guys drop trailers in our yard with a bad inspection sticker, how does that happen? Idiots.
  13. Spicybrother

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    We call them "rebate drivers." They already "paid the price," but feel they need to give the company some of their money back.
  14. 104Feeder

    104Feeder Phoenix Feeder

    ​Well hey, at least he was consistent.