pm clerks going away?

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    I wanted to know if there are any pm clerks or drivers out there that have noticed alot of pm clerks being done away with.I heard a rumor that my building is going to go down to only one pm clerk for all four centers.We have had a day clerk for a while that corrects packages and either sends a message in ods if its before 3 pm,if its after 3 pm tHE package comes back to the building with the correction already done,all you have to do is scan it and hit f10 and your done.i have noticed a big difference in what time we get done there is definitely much less work and what we do have gets done faster.still one clerk for four centers seems hard to believe and its just something i heard but still you gotta wonder.
  2. Big Babooba

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    I've noticed that a lot of those "address corrections" that we get via text message are incorrect.
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    That is my function, doing ORE ( on road exceptions ).
    I am the one who makes the look-ups and corrections .
    Mistakes are made .
    Anytime and anywhere humans are involved, mistakes will continue.
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    If there is a phone number on the package I will call to see if I can get an updated address and if it is on my area I will redeliver that day.