Police arrest UPS employee for theft

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    Police arrest UPS employee for theft - WIVB

    A UPS employee is under arrest after being accused of rerouting a valuable package to his own address.

    UPS confirms the worker from a Buffalo plant has been arrested and is suspected of stealing. Cheektowaga Police tell News 4 they arrested a 26-year-old Cheektowaga man at his home on Thursday. Authorities say he was caught with two stolen silver bars, valued at about $5,000.

    According to police, the man, who they will not name, set up an elaborate scheme that had packages redirected from the plant to his Cheektowaga home. The man would place a shipping label onto the box with his home address, rather than sending the package where it was supposed to go, according to police.
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    I have been to that hub. My first time was that day in August that Elvis died. I thought it was pretty cool that it was on James Casey Drive.
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    Dumb, dumb, dumb. Lock him up and throw away the key.
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    people should know better

    How did he think he could pull this off? As our technology gets better, people like this become easier to spot. I know from experience.
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    Stupid moron i hope the individual gets jail time i have been here 26 years, and boy it makes me mad when I hear of this.
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    Re: people should know better

    It sounds as though he works in a position on the preload up to and including the SPA person. If I had to bet I would say it was the SPA person.
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    Uh, yeah no spa person, he was a stupidvisor.....
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    My point was the label had to be applied before or at the point where it was to be SPA'd. I can't see a kid in the unload having time to change labels. It wouldn't make sense to do it after the package has already been SPA'd as it would raise all kinds of red flags.

    Stupidvisor? Are you in 2nd grade?
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    Just callin' em as i'm seeing em the last 25 years...
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    I work for the Customer Service and guess what? I'm the unlucky one to receive this call and had it escalated to my supervisor.