Police brutality

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by Shifting Contents, Mar 12, 2015.

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    Why do we focus on an effect instead of affecting change.

    Didn't hear about this little boy on the news.

    How about we police our morals and attitudes. Then the police wouldn't hve anything to brutalize us over.

    The two worst parts are when the crowd was angry at the police when thy had nothing todo with it and when the officer had to fight his way through a inactive camera phone holding crowd to help this poor child.
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    Federal asset forfeitures taken from Thieves and criminals were greater then thieves took from honest people.
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    i hope your right...
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    Canadians should be aware that Big Brother is reading their tweets. Police may not be very concerned about plotting terrorist attacks, since that enriches Canada’s vibrant multicultural tapestry, but don’t tweet anything hurtful:
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    its probably a good thing, they wouldn't want some Canadian going on a foreign message board and making all Canadians look bad. :)
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    This does not apply to those of the Muslim faith .
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    get off your horse. there are tons of awful cops. policing is so bad they need a fundamental change in the way its gone about.
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    what do you mean?
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    I take great exception to that comment. There are not tons of police officers that are awful. Granted there is some bad seeds ,buy only a small minority. My daughter and son in law are police officers and have been spit on, disrespected, and ridiculed many many times and have kept their composure and professionalism. They have their body cameras to prove it. My daughter is also a DARE officer and teaches drug abuse prevention in the local schools. She is a veteran that carried a weapon in the middle east for her country and has worked undercover in murder investigations. They both leave their young children and go out to work every day putting on their Kevlar vests hoping to come home safe after their watch is over. They are the vast majority.
    I hope that you never need assistance from someone like them ,because when there is a problem and most people runaway their duty is to respond and run toward the issue no matter how risky it may be.
    Maybe you should think before you paint with a broad brush.
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  15. rickyb

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    to be honest im not an expert, but its well known you have policing based on race in america which is widespread. theres also a 2 tier justice system based on whether you are rich or not. theres a ton of bad practices by cops / policy and its well known be it for profit prisons, stop and frisk, police brutality, or all the people who rot in jail over non violent drug cases. its not exactly a mystery. the intercept did a leak on FBI files and the FBI was concerned that many police departments have been infiltrated by the KKK the biggest non governmental terrorist organization in US. im not sure which country is the shining example of police but i know in some of them they dont carry guns which i think we should do eventually.

    the police system is not just a little screwed up, so i stand by my comments that it needs a radical transformation. and yea people are uncivilized and dont treat cops nicely sometimes. but thats a product of a broken system where people have crappy jobs, are politically cynical, constantly lied to and propagandized, and probably have a hard time treating each other nicely.


  16. Baba gounj

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    You make it sound like only two races are involved with crime & prevention ?
    How small minded on you .
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    i mustve got it from you who thinks that only one religion is involved with terrorism ;)

    "The numbers from the Department of Justice tell part of the story: In the U.S. there are more than 696,000 full-time police officers. The overwhelming majority, 74.7 percent, are white, and 11.9 percent are black. (African-Americans account for 13.2 percent of the population, according to the Census Bureau.)"
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    Pretty close to racially balanced.
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    I wish this country could return to the police forces that I grew up under .
    Give a cop some lip and he breaks your lip .
    Don't go home crying to mommy , because your old man will finish what the cop started and drag you down to the police station to have you apologize to the cop .
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    I wish people who felt that way would just die already so we could move on from that stupid ignorant period of our history. We can't always get what we want though.... and then sometimes we just have to wait a little while.