Police brutality

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    Why do we focus on an effect instead of affecting change.

    Didn't hear about this little boy on the news.

    How about we police our morals and attitudes. Then the police wouldn't hve anything to brutalize us over.

    The two worst parts are when the crowd was angry at the police when thy had nothing todo with it and when the officer had to fight his way through a inactive camera phone holding crowd to help this poor child.
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    Federal asset forfeitures taken from Thieves and criminals were greater then thieves took from honest people.
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    i hope your right...
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    Canadians should be aware that Big Brother is reading their tweets. Police may not be very concerned about plotting terrorist attacks, since that enriches Canada’s vibrant multicultural tapestry, but don’t tweet anything hurtful:
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    its probably a good thing, they wouldn't want some Canadian going on a foreign message board and making all Canadians look bad. :)
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    This does not apply to those of the Muslim faith .