Police: FedEx worker wounds 6 in Georgia, then kills himself

Discussion in 'FedEx Discussions' started by Returntosender, Apr 29, 2014.

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    Being a package handler is such a fulfilling,easy, well paying, nonstressful job. Why would he do this?
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    Wow, that's terrible...but I'm not really surprised.
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    manager was an ass is my guess...it can be non-stressful environment, but you know it's not always the case if a manager harasses an hourly worker

    he pushed the wrong button that day
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    Shame he didn't just kill his self senseless

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  7. This was a horrendous act and I feel bad for everyone involved. There's no excuse for what was done. On behalf of the families, it's important to say that when a company wages war
    on its employees, this crap happens. I'm not speculating that was the cause but I know that when you cut pay, cut hours, demand more and generall disrespect people, they respond in k
    ind. Again, maybe this isn't applicable but the failed FedEx Office is infamous for its conduct towards team members. They've attacked many and gotten their ass beat in return more than once.

    My regards to everyone impacted.
  8. Tired

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    This is truly sad. I asked a Fed Ex driver how often do they discuss work place violence... to my surprise I was told all the time. He told me there have been and still are several incidents like this that happens in their facilities globally. Not all of them make news though. When I ask a center manager if/when would we be discussing work place violence in light of this recent incident, he totally brushed me off. Which is so crazy because we just had a driver threaten to shoot up our building. He was put out of work for less than a week...but no extra security precautions were taken. No one was even warned about it. Sad how people don't take things seriously until it's too late. SMH hope no one ever has to go through this again. Prayers to the families and FedEx fam
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    If you area FedEx employee and you discuss anything with the media, you can and probably will be fired. That's how they keep a lid on workplace violence...it doesn't get reported unless it's something like Kennesaw.
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    We had a courier threaten to shoot management and a couple couriers at my station one time. He got a short suspension and that was it. We didn't even go over the workplace violence training afterwards because he was a high seniority employee and management didn't want to embarrass him. :eek:
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    Probably more afraid of a lawsuit than concerned about having a safe workplace. That employee should have been fired on the spot, but if Fred could be sued and lose a penny, it's worth it to keep a crazy on the payroll.
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    In fact, there probably is. In fact, there are probably many excuses. As you say, this thing happens when people are pushed too far.

    Humans are monsters, all-around.