Police: Fired UPS employee kills 2 ex-colleagues

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    Police: Fired UPS employee kills 2 ex-colleagues - Yahoo

    Fired a day earlier from UPS, a man put on his work uniform, drove to an Alabama package sorting center and evaded security by entering through a truck dock in the rear, police and the company say.

    Two former UPS co-workers were shot dead within minutes Tuesday, and the shooter, identified by police as Kerry Joe, lay dead atop his gun from what police said was a self-inflicted wound.

    The shooter entered after about 80 drivers had left for the day to deliver packages from the Birmingham center, UPS said, possibly avoiding even more bloodshed.
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    Not long ago an irate customer blew through the feeder gate twice, and guard did not notify anyone. You never really know what desperate people will do.
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    Their new iphone didn't arrive?
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    EBT cards were late.
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    No, was a guitar or something bigger like that, if I remember exactly.