Police Shoot Dog, Gunshots Caught On Graphic Video

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    School Police Officer at Jr. High School pepper sprays baby squirrel. Stated he thought the students were in danger. So why not move the students inside first? Claims he thought squirrel might be rabid. So you leave students outside and then pepper spray in the attempt to run it off back into the wild where it can still be a threat? Seems like getting the students inside and then getting animal control out would be a better course of action. Or was this an exercise to send a deeper message to these young minds on who is really in control?

    We Don't Need No Education, We Don't Need No Thought Control!

    Cop Pepper Sprays Squirrel - YouTube

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    NO, I don't care who you are you don't "know your dog" !!

    When that dog was trying to protect it's owner, it was threatening looking.

    How many have been bit by a dog where the owner says, "he doesn't bite" ???
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    The dog did not look threatening. Just skiddish. The officers could have let the owner put the dog away when it first got out of the car. The man was no threat either. Should've been handled more professionally.
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    Great piece from the American Bar Association Journal on the militarization of America's police.

    How did America’s police become a military force on the streets?

    This is just a sample and I'd highly encourage everyone to read the rest as it's very compelling. These are not the same cops I remember from my youth 40 and 50 years ago but I also understand now that the African American community was also the Canary in the coal mine that we in white America have all but ignored. As Malcolm X rightly said, "the chickens have come home too roost!"
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    Lunging and barking by a Rottie IMO is threatening.

    They guy put the dog in the car....with a window all the way down ??

    He was not protecting or controlling his dog.

    Like it or not, Rotties and Pit bulls come with a pre-conceived notion to most people.

    Yeah, I've heard all the stories of tiny dogs........
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    More Protect and Serve but no dog involved although seems like the citizen was treated as one.

    I'm hopeful he wins the $20 million and puts pressure on tax payers to demand a change. If the moronic public can't think things through, maybe the deserved pain in the wallet will cause them to see the light!

    Personally I'd charge the cops with attempted murder but lucky for them I'm not in charge.
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    I watched the video and I agree, that dog was not being aggressive. The cops F up on that one. They could easily have let the owner take care of the dog and then arrest him, though I think the arrest was not right either.
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    The entire situation was F'ed up and there is blame for all sides.

    He wasnt arrested for filming the officers, he was arrested for coming too close and being a distraction with the dog and his loud music during a time when the cops were engaged in an armed standoff with criminals.

    To his credit, he complied with officers instructions and did not in any way resist arrest. However, he failed to properly secure the dog by rolling up the window.

    The cops F'ed up because the guy was not being violent or resisting, so at the moment it looked like the dog might get out they should have immediately unhooked him and let him go secure the dog properly. For that matter, they shouldnt have even arrested him at all, merely issued him a citation.

    I'm a dog lover and the full unedited video brought tears to my eyes. However...if an 80+ lb. agitated Rottweiler ever lunges at me in any sort of aggressive manner, I'm going to blow it away. Sorry, but a Rottie that big can tear your face off or permanently maim you.

    Botttom line: the shooting itself was justified, but the officers actions leading up to the situation were not.
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    Barbour Co. sheriff accused of sexual assault, denies allegations | West Virginia Record
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    'Very disturbing' arrest sees Christina West bruised and bloodied | wtsp.com
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