Police: UPS worker readdressed packages to himself

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    Police: UPS worker readdressed packages to himself - WCTV

    A worker at the UPS warehouse on Hartsfield Road is accused of systematically diverting packages to himself so he could steal the contents and sell the items on eBay.

    Tallahassee Police arrested Nicholas Ocampo, 19, on Thursday.

    Investigators say Ocampo made labels addressed to himself and placed them on shipments at the UPS facility, so they would be delivered to his home instead of their intended recipient.
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    There’s always another fool to come along who thinks they can outsmart the system. Lol.
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    What could go wrong....
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    Total Dumbbutt!
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    In order to do this he would have to apply the label before it reaches the SPA (Scan, Print, Apply) person, which means that he had to work in the unload.
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    Seems like they would had to do an address correction on it.
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    As long as he placed his label squarely over the other one it would work. The SPA person would shoot the bullseye, apply the PAL, the preloader would load it and the driver would deliver it.
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    Agreed. I had a package that was damaged and being returned but the new label was put on awkwardly over the old leaving both the old and new bullseye open. When preload scanned it, the PAL was for me and went back into my truck (because the old one must have been scanned). When preload was given the package to scan the correct one, the PAL came back as a different truck.