Police: UPS Worker Sold Stolen Packages Online

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    Police: UPS Worker Sold Stolen Packages Online - WRAL

    Brian Miller admitted to switching the labels on boxes so they would be shipped to his house, according to search warrants. The packages included several large-screen televisions.

    Miller then placed the stolen items on Craig's List, an online advertising site, to sell them, police said.
  2. mattwtrs

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    How can someone be sooo stupid??
  3. freeloader

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    That's about as stupid as you can get. Never overlabel a package to your own house.
  4. Bad Gas!

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    As far as I'm concerned, nothing on that truck is worth stealing and ruining your life.I hate to hear it.The PT ers get escorted out quite frequently at our hub...Rarely, a full-timer..
  5. freeloader

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    Sadly enough, for every 1 person that gets caught there is probably at least 10 others who are not getting caught. It comes down to $$$. It's cheaper for UPS to pay the claim (if a claim even gets filed) than to adequately staff and equip the LP departments.

    Department stores are well staffed and equipped to catch thieves and aggressively do so. Why? Because shrinkage directly affects their bottom line. Shrinkage does NOT affect UPS's bottom line, therefore it does not get the attention it needs.
  6. let me guess, he wasnt paid enough and if he made 300.00 an hour he wouldnt have stolen a thing... i cant wait till those people who think that way will be here soon........
  7. Bad Gas!

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    Response to freeloader:...My wife works as H.R. for a dept. store.Yes, they caught a few stealing but for a big dept store not nearly enough.Like UPS, only 1 LP.And when he's not in....it's open season but the thieves don't know it..
  8. paidslave

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    This is the oldest trick in the book for a stupid wiseguy! These drivers are idiots.....I actually saw a supervisor changing addresses to his house many many years ago by putting return labels before they even left the building. . About 20 years ago.....when I was a part timer.......It took me a while to figure it out as well as UPS but he got busted and was hauled off to jail...

    Frankly it is not even worth having the thought in your mind because you will get caught! Also had a driver taking COD's from other drivers trucks and got caught too..in jail he went!:nono2:
  9. shrimpfire

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    I think they ought to put him in jail for a long time, takes time to build up trust and then someone comes in and undermines it
  10. hdkappler

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    :happy2:some one who steals from employer should be hang.make an example of him.make him stand in front of ups center with sign saying ex ups thief.3 days in a row for 8hours.or send him to jail.:peaceful:that way people have a chance to harrass him.:sick::sad-very::dissapointed::dead::anxious::whiteflag:
  11. moodaddy247

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    Yeah.. have it delivered to your neighbor's house... b/c you know the neighbor will bring it ovr to you b/c u work for the brown.....

    It never ceases to amaze me the line of thinkng..."i'll never get caught".... folks, busters been bustin alot longer than you've been on this earth...And believe me, they hire ppl to find these 'holes' in the system... All I want is what I've earned... and nothin else.
  12. Kyle-ProRI

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    You still never get what you've earned..
  13. moodaddy247

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    :soapbox: I think that comes down to a matter of opinion... each of us came from 'another opportunity' of some sort...:happy-very::hammer: for me; its not pounding cases on a 2-wheeler...