Poll: Should RockyRogue Leave BrownCafe

Should RockyRogue Leave BrownCafe

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    Votes: 27 34.6%
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    Votes: 34 43.6%
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Agent of Change
In the last 24-48 hours, I've been called arrogant, an educated snob and probably many other things. I'm wondering if the community wants me to leave because of this misinterpretation of my posts and/or the fact that I'm no longer a UPS employee. If so, I'm gone. I'd just like to know if the people that have been telling me to leave are in the minority or if the desire for me to leave is shared by others. By the way...the names of those voting one way or the other are not publicly visible. Thanks, one and all. -Rocky
Rocky, I have read many of your posts here since I joined. While I do not always agree with you, I don't see any need for you to even post this poll. The reply to your post that started the ruckus was an obvious misread and things have gotten out of hand since then. Don't get your feelings hurt and run away. I don't feel that your opinion is worth anymore than mine or anyone else's really but it's fine that you do. Actually I appreciated your post.
I think what some are calling arrogant and "educated snob" are confusing your pride in your accomplishments. It's OK to be proud, just temper it with some humility also and you will find that the rest will sort it'self out.
Really Rocky, there is no need to tout your education or the quality of the school you attended. If you post with good common sense and a sense of reality your intelligence will show through.
Whether you stay of leave the Browncafe should be up to YOU and YOU alone as long as you follow the rules.
One more thing. Please don't take this as a slam of a flame, but this poll is a little immature for some one your age, don't ja think?


Rocky, I have been frequenting this forum for several years. There are always going to be people with whom I dont agree with thier views. Ever heard of Neal boortz? He's a talk show radio host. He seems arrogant, very prideful too. However, thats why I listen to him. He makes me think for MYSELF. He challenges my own opinions so that I can reaffirm my opinions or discover I didn't have one at all. How boring would this place be if we all agreed?! Some people need to develop a thicker skin when dealing with public forums such as this. After all, it is a PUBLIC forum. Diversity makes our world an interesting place. Lets keep it that way.

But Benefits Are Great!

Just Words On A Screen
Need attention much?

I don't think anyone that has something to offer should go. Old-Timers here seem to think you have something to offer, although all I have seen is you practicing the skills you learned recently in school (debate team? Drama class?)

Like I told you before - when we were your age, we thought we knew everything, too.


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What percentage of the vote to you need to stay? Or stated differently, what percent of the vote do we need for you to leave?


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Geez, RR, why would you post this?

You don't let others make decisions for you. If you like posting here, stay. If you don't, go.

Why do you care what other people think? Say what you want, they'll get over it. And if they don't, maybe they'll leave!


Rocky!! I'm really surprised at you!!!
You were at one time a UPS employee so odds are you grew that trademark UPS thick skin ;)
Why put so much energy into everyone else's opinion of you? This forum is way too big and way too diverse to be one big happy family..and by golly if you have to be the proverbial red headed stepchild..embrace it :)
Perhaps you can look at it from a "glass is half full" perspective..You have every right to be proud of your educational achievements, and being here in this forum gives you the opportunity to broaden your knowledge by being exposed to a large group of people from various educational and career backgrounds..and they of you! It's a win/win!

I'm not going to vote. We both know that this poll is beneath you.




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I voted no, Rocky should not leave, unless he chooses. The best thing about BC is the arguments and differ opinions. :sad-very:I'm sorry I can't go on...I miss Griff.


Rocky, not that my opinion matters much (LOL) but I think the choice should be yours and yours alone.

There will always be someone who doesn't agree but it is part of the debate process. Someone said in another thread (can't remember who) that BC would be boring if everyone agreed on everything.

Educated? Well congratulations for you. I mean that seriously. I have a high school education. Does that make us different? Yes. In some ways it does. Does that make me dumb? No. We just know different things. I would venture to say that I could easily learn something from you and I bet you could learn something from me, too.

I read once and I believe it was written by Ghandi....... "Live as if tomorrow was your last day, learn as if you will live forever."

I would like to see Rocky Rogue posts in the future for I will live forever.


Retired 21 years
Lets see--we have a choice of reading RR's posts and watching the fights break out or reading another "where do I get UPS socks" post. I agree with 1989- I also miss Griff


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I voted for you to leave. I just don't know why you would still be here if you no longer work for UPS. Your contact with UPS was for a short period of time and you left. You are not a long time employee who retired who would have info for us on how retirement is working for them. I don't know Rocky, I think this whole poll thing is a little much. And kind of arrogant.