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    I really feel bad for these guys and gals. They are getting hammered and threatened daily with thier jobs for a crap Dra that doesnt work. They have decided to turn DRA off for a week and have put the burden of lifting SPH back on us. And lates.. . We have been leaving the building 30 mins late daily with no extra help...to reduce man load and increase SPH and they question what has gone wrong over the past year. Now its on us!!! Hmmm..Our loop rts have traditionally been 15 SPH and dra has added areas, cut areas, and increased Sph to 22-25. They(FRED) took away SPH and substituted RTB and thought we wouldnt be able to calculate the difference. And they(FRED) are being threatened with their jobs daily.
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    All of this is reflected in the newest crop of managers being recruited. We just got a new manager who was one of the worst couriers I have ever seen. Total ass-kisser who smooched his way into the job, not by effort or qualifications...but because he was all they could get. And he is as worthless as an ice cube in Antarctica. Hides in his office, won't answer the phone, disappears for hours, and can't do anything but yell and issue OLCCs. This is the future of FedEx management, because the smart people know to either just leave or stay an hourly.
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    This is why I got tired of being a pt dock manager; my boss(the sort manager) would take all the credit for the successes and throw us all under the bus if we missed certification by fractions of a percent. I don't need gray hairs before 30, thanks.
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    Then why feel sorry for them? All they're doing here is throwing couriers under the bus this way. I'd love to see my worthless POS manager looking for a new job.
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    Because our ops mgrs are decent people.
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    Im sure they are just as nice...if not nicer than the SUPS at BROWN!..............lmao
  7. Cactus

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    Good for you then. But the days of great ops managers are fading fast. In my case, after being lied to and thrown under the bus more times than I can count, why care if they keep their jobs?

    I'd work the day for free just to see the weasel ops manager I have packing up his belongings out of his office and sail away.
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    Weasel is the new normal for managers, right in line with our Weasel-In-Chief, who has been throwing us under the bus for years. Cheap, miserable bastard that he is, Smith doesn't want to pay for quality managers either, so he gets what is left over. Perhaps his thinking is that the new DRA-type courier, who was probably a housewife or a 7-11 clerk before they came to FedEx, doesn't warrant "leadership". All they need is discipline and rules to stay efficient enough for Fred to make the profit he wants. The new breed of manager is an enforcer, and usually incapable of improvising on their feet ala' the old Federal Express. If something goes really wrong, the new type of manager won't know what to do. Instead of thinking on his/her feet, they will fall back on rules and policy to see what they should do. Too bad there are literally thousands of operational scenarios NOT covered by any policy guide or management training.

    Just another symptom of the "doctor" killing the patient with incompetence and greed. The new Express is already a problem "child". Eventually, that child will grow into a monster.