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    what are porters and what do they do??
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    I thought they were supposed to clean, but we have a locker room that is a disease waiting to happen.
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    Have you been hearing about that crazy staph infection going around? It is antibiotic resistant and I think I was watching ABC new and they were saying it could quickly pass AIDS...

    October 17, 2007 A dangerous germ that has been spreading around the country causes more life-threatening infections than public health authorities had thought and is killing more people in the United States each year than the AIDS virus, federal health officials reported yesterday

    From the Centers for Disease Control
    Community-Associated Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus aureus (CA-MRSA)
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    And one of the best places to pick up diseases like these are by visiting your local hospital as far as these infections go.

    I'm not sure what our Porters do. The one I see is always in the Break Room watching TV in the morning. We have an outside contractor doing janitorial work. Ours are all PT.
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    I could tell you, but then I'd have to kill you. :scared::laugh::laugh::thumbup1:
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    very little:)
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    At our center we get boxes for Ascent Healthcare Solutions (formerly Vanguard Medical Concepts) a company the reprocesses medical equipment. At least once a week these boxes break open and empty their contents on the belt. Very often a bag rolls out with a BIOHAZARD label on it and at least three times one of these bags marked biohazard leaked a liquid onto the belt and floor.

    The guy who loads this trailer (along with two paclage cars) has been cut by scalpels and/or poked by needles. Never mind being checked for AIDS or hepatitis, the supes told him he was not following proper methods - Be Aware of Sharp Objects...

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    Porters here are often those who were injured and have restrictions... Now we do have at least two women who came from the preload and are porters...

    BUT most of their time is loading left in buildings in a pacakage car and delivering missed NDA packages with a Supe...

    Of course this is all done after the preloaders are off the clock and the drivers have left the building...
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    Porters are tiny people that live in cardboard boxes in ups buildings. They are known to frequent hubs throughout the ny and nj area. They rarely shower and fight amongst one another. If u see one keep away because they also like idle gossip.