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    Looking for some info, Does anyone know if a new hub opened in Portland. Rumor control has it as being as big as the one in Chicago. mostly a feeder related question as it would probably change a lot of existing feeder movement and possibly time in transit. thanks in advance if anyone knows anything. :wink2:
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    They expanded the existing hub in two phases. Not as big as CACH if that is what you are referring to. May be in line with the size of Addison.
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    Is that a recent expansion? I had heard it was a cach size hub and that most of the pacific northwest volume would flow through the new hub. cach is over 2 million square feet, so it was kind of hard to believe another hub would be that big. We are seeing portland loads for the first time further south, that started last week. supposedly there are some lane enhancements coming in the next couple months. All this coming from rumor control so not sure of any accuracy just curious given the current climate what might be going on. Thanks for the info.
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    The Swan Island facility is being expanded, and my building (Tualatin) is sending about 25 routes up there to relieve our overcrowding. I dont think its anything like the size of CACH, though.
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    someones jerking your chain if they're telling you its as big as cach.
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    Anyone that has been at ups for any length of time knows how the feeder news network operates. A snippet of information is totally blown out of proportion and then spread throughout the country. The old adage, telephone, telegraph, tell a feeder driver, is so true. No one was jerking my chain but as you can see by the responses there was a nugget of truth in the rumor. Which is usually the case.
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    This is why I love all the rumors from feeders it make life at ups so fun.
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    Portland has been expanding its hub over the last couple of years. If I am correct it is going from a 20k per hour to a 40k per hour hub. It just went to capacity this week of july 2010. We had 20 unload doors now we have 40. Things are not running well yet but I imagine they will work themselves out. With the fairly new rule of no more than 8 hours in the yard, drivers have to pretrip and postrip more than one tractor and transfer all their stuff everyday. Most of the yard runs have local work attached to them so they do not do the entire shift in one unit. Portland has 5 different lots (Fathom,main hub,L,old Swift,and 5550). Our yard goats are street legal to haul loads up and down the street to different lots. I think they underestimated how many drivers they needed . They just posted a new feeder school the same week the hub fired up. There are quite a few feeder runs now that are only 8 hours. We will see if the package guys are interested in that.