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    hello i am new to ups, i go to school the first week of july for package car driver. the HR person mentioned when they had me in filling out all the paper work that if i wasn't always driving that they may want me to come in and load and unload trucks for a lesser rate. is this a common practice, hire you for one job but start insinuating you may be ask to do anouther at a lesser pay rate sometimes?
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    You should be working solid (except for a Monday here and there) all year with vacations and who knows what else. You will appreciate having a Monday off to get things done you can't do during the week. After about February with no vacations you may be working inside for a couple months until vacations kick in again. Or drivers may take time off and you will being working all the time.
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    At least once or twice per session.
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    thank you for taking the time to answer my newbie question. i currently am a owner/operator distributor for anouther company (till i go to ups in july) and over the years they have become very very very sly or sneaky to border line dishonest with us distributors and i was hoping that this dosen't turn into that. i know there are going to be times when you disagree with management but i have real issues with dishonesty. so far ups management seems pretty straight forward but the loading thing seemed they tried to slide that in there.
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    [quote="Driver2552, post: 1336283, member: 53487"
    so far ups management seems pretty straight forward but the loading thing seemed they tried to slide that in there.[/quote]
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    No they don't try and sneak that in. It is there to give you your 40 hours during a slow time. Some new drivers never work inside during their first couple years. Some maybe for a week here and there during Feb. and March, April, but then vacations start up and you can't get a day off. Of course this is dependent on the economy staying healthy.
  7. That depends on how tired she is.
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    If you give it to her right, she'll put you into positions.

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  9. Yea between kids life and everything else I'm happy to get about ten minutes.
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    It depends on what your job title will be are you going to be a PT or FT cover or something else ???? Unless your going to be a FT cover driver you most likely can be forced to work back in the building a lesser rate.

    As always read your supplement and see what it says about your job position and lack of work...

    In my area FT cover driver are guaranteed 8 hr a day as a driver just like any other ft Driver. If they lay you off you have the option to bump back into the PT shift 1 or 2 depending on a number of factors and you pay rate would be what ever it would have been if you never left being a PT.
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    We're in the same boat, brother. We give a lot of ourselves to our kids, our work and everything else in between and somehow, the person we asked to share our journey gets cheated the most. We expect her, of all people to be understanding that we couldn't give her our best because we've given our best to everything else.

    The day I became my wife's disciple, was the day my home life became much easier. Put that woman on the pedestal she deserves and see what I'm talking about.

    What's this thread about again?

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    You have a right to work. They are giving you the opportunity to get hours inside loading/unloading that you may not get if you were laid off from driving that day. Also, you need X-amount of hours in order to qualify for benefits.
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    well i was reviewing my paperwork they have a job title of load/unload AM, when i questioned the hr person on this she explained that the is how the pt drivers are put in the system? does this sound right? sorry for all the questions just somethings sound weired to me with how they list positions. when i applied for the job on their web site it was only for package car driver that is why i am questioning the terminology they seem to use. thanks for the advice on the situation
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    New to ups and already driving?

    Management is gonna walk all over you. Build a song tolerance for BS.

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    You are being hired as a part time loader. When they need extra drivers they will use you to drive. When there is no driver work you will load. some parts of the year they won't need you to drive as much other other times. Eventually down the line you will likely drive full time.

    the amount of drivers ups has available and ups needs is different everyday. as low man you don't drive all the time.