Post office cutting down to 5 delivery days ?

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    Read this article today on

    You would think they would cut Saturday, but their slowest day is Tuesday !! Interesting

    I don't think UPS would ever do anything like this, even with the amount of money they would save. I don't think any of us drivers want to work 4 - 12 hour days on the road.

    Plus, they are adding 2 cents to the price of a stamp next May, and they still will be in debt.
  2. drewed

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    I dont know awhile back there was a BRIGHT IDEAS for UPS thread on here, I brought up the idea of doing away with the saturday delivery service, and have 2 sets of drivers 75% do m-th 4 10s (or 12s) and the rest doing w-sa 4 10s. Youd get double cover for the traditionally heavy days (wed and thurs) and have a larger crew to do cleanup on friday and sat
  3. Baba gounj

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    UPS has done studies that show most people are never home on Saturdays; especially households with kids. And by using part timers as Saturday drivers the costs to UPS are minimal , making Saturdays quite a profitable enterprise.
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    That's why they pay us so much an hour to do that easy stuff, I love it...But when you think about all the packages on the truck (or the whole plane) for that saturday, even the letters, They're making a huge profit regardless of how much we make
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    And double the overhead costs (benefits, etc.) per driver position...don't apply for an I.E. position dewed!
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    The post office is a victim of obsolesence. They could go to two days a week and that would be fine with me. Just a bunch of junk mail being delivered anyway. Of about 12 or so monthly bills only one of mine gets mailed and the rest are automatically paid out of my checking account. Even my mailman agrees.
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    Fortunately, you're not everyone in the US. Some people do rely on USPS just about every day.
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    I stopped my mail service for a month last year while I was getting away from it all. When I got back I had a stack of crap 18" high. Out of that I believe 3 letters were important enough not to go to the round file. I myself could get along very well on only 1 day a week of USPS service.
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    I pay all my bills online after I suspect identity theft at the post office. The only thing I get in the mail now is cards from relatives, the rest goes in the bon fire.
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    5 twelve hour days are common. I`ll take 4 any time they want to offer it.
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    Post Office could cut residential deliveries to 3 days a week and run business deliveries mon thru fri. Big savings.
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  14. redshift1

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    Here in California we run 4 Sat Air shuttles. The Mon Air comes throughout the day to late to meet the commit time. Still a big money maker.
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    Gee you think some of that junk mail are adds for prouducts/? That people look at Then they buy some of those prouducts . Gee the stores sell them thenpeople oh gosh ship them . so we ship the proudcts to the store we ship the prouducts to the house , hooray for junk mail.
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    rocket....the mail volume just isnt there.....i know we deliver crap from all the catalogues---BUT ..almost all of us pay our bills on line ...send emails instead of snail mail....and text each other....just think --your kid at sleep away camp-is he/she gonna write you a letter and mail it or text i said before in another post---you dont need 6 days of it...:smart: and while your at it----make the stamp $1 you can turn a profit already...whats with everyone going cheap to undercut---they always get the horns:devil3:
  17. UpstateNYUPSer

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    That's one perspective. Here's another--the junk mail that I receive goes right in to the trash can that sits by my mail box--unread. The inserts in my newspaper also find their way in to the recycling bin unread.
  18. worldwide

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    If volume is down 9 BILLION pieces as the article claims, they clearly do not need the same number of people to pickup, sort and deliver the pieces. Why isn't the USPS cutting back on service? You do not cut back on service--they will hurt your business in the long term. Service levels can remain the same by cutting back on workers. It certainly does not take the same number of people top pickup, sort and deliver 9 BILLION pieces less per year...
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    You need to pull yourself out of the stone age........driver
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    Why should they cut back on staffing? If they need more dough they will just hit the tax payer up for more subsidy. Or they will bump up rates, their rates are super low for a lot of stuff, no wonder they are always needed money. They are DHLing them selves with those low rates.

    PS: No disrespect ment to our brothers and sisters that got the shaft from poor management at the yellow and red.