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    Heard from one of my stops today, he saw on the news that UPS and Fedex are bidding on taking over the Post Office. Apparently the UPS bid was more and Fedex would not beat it. Not sure if and when this would happen, but has anyone heard this. I know UPS did a study a few years back and could actually make it so a letter would only cost 11 cents to mail. I hope it happens soon, even though we will make it more productive than the post office, a letter weighs a hell of a lot less than anything i deliver now.
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    Just what UPS would want. A giant money loosing operation with out of control pension obligations. I think not.
  3. Anonymous 10

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    Don't bet on it.
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    Yeah, but letter's go to MOST houses, as well. How many years more will that back/legs hold out, if we have to deliver to every single house/apt on the route?
  5. rod

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    everyone could do 300 stops a day--------------yeah
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    LOL, exactly!
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    knowing Ups, do you really think they would lose money? they are too smart for that. they would make it work.
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    Isn't the post office screwed up enough the way it is-----------can you imagine the desk drivers in Atlanta setting up mail routes?
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    Knowing UPS, they would never get into the "letter" business.
  10. Coldworld

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    probably the bid to carry express mail and boxes on ups planes...but the way the post office is going ups or fedex will probably be delivering their parcels and flat rate boxes soon enough....and all letters will be left at the post office for pickup only by customers.
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    One of my customers told me something similar. He said it was to move their packages in our system then they would get delivered to post office for them to deliver.
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    This thread is actually backwards !
    Just a month ago, the "Boss" of the US postoffice was on CNN, and they interviewed him about the loosing operation and how he will turn it around.
    According to him, he said, the postoffice already does many deliveries for fedex and UPS, and he thinks he can get some more "end-delivery" business from those 2 companies.

    - Get more parcels from them.
    He said it's a win-win situation, since UPS or Fedex need to drive into 1 whole neighborhood, just for 1 or 2 parcels, while the "mailman" delivers every single home as it is.
    We shall see what happens in the future. Looks like oil is heading over $100 a barrell again. And once the recession is over, you can almost count on $150 per barrell !
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    That type of service is called UPS basic.
  15. FracusBrown

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    Conceptually they can do more door to door delivery and UPS can do more movement of postal service bulk through the UPS feeder and air network. Most postal bulk is moved by an inefficient network of independent contractors.
  16. cachsux

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    The old "they" are too smart for that. The new "they" can barely run what they have.

    IF we did take over we`d take the packages and subcontract the letters. Skim $.15 off the top of a price of a stamp to bring it in bulk to the local post office sorting center and let the subcontractor take it from there for whats left.
  17. satellitedriver

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    Those brains in Atlanta based UPS routes on USPS zip codes decades ago.
    Rural routes are the worst example of UPS efficiency in "Logistics", in my personal experience.
    I personally drive 10 miles into -(and out of)- another centers area to deliver 5 addresses and the other centers driver does the same into my area.
    Figure 8 loop de loops based on zip codes, not road maps.

  18. Nimnim

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    Only thing I could find on it with a quick search, but at about 1:20 they state the deal is off.


    P.S. Posted to Youtube on December 28, 2010 so it can't be much older than that.
  19. UpstateNYUPSer

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    While it would make absolutely no sense for UPS to pursue this, it would make sense for a private company to take over the Post Office.

    UPSers should expect an increase in the number of packages being diverted to the Post Office. FedExers should expect the same with their Smart Post.
  20. Bubblehead

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    In it's infancy it was a win/win in rural areas, where we did indeed circumvent excess miles for individual packages.
    Today's reality is that we are now giving them many packages that we are driving right by during the course of the day in urban settings.
    I have a bid route within a major big city.
    I routinely deliver many basic packages to the Post Office that are in my trace.
    Many to addresses I will deliver that same day.
    It's the nature of the business.
    We all know the regular customers with online, QVC,HSN, catalogue shopping compulsion problems.
    Those are packages we are unnecessarily losing.
    It was a good idea in extended areas that has been taken one step to far in true UPS fashion.