Post Peak Driver Helper (Southern Region)?

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by steeltoe, Jan 6, 2009.

  1. steeltoe

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    Our building asked if there was anyone interested in being a driver helper today after the pre-load. I can not find language. Is there such a job in the Southern Region beyond peak season? If so, is there pay progression?:dissapointed:
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    Your building talks..........!!!!!!!!! :surprised:
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    We had it here is KC today the missed forcasted by 15000 packages. Mostly they were air drivers and p/t sups.
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    They can do anything they want. The Union may need to make sure proper pay is being given though. They can put two drivers on a truck if they want to.
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    As you know, I work in the same building as you. I had to use my Peak Helper one day last week, she was paid at $8.50 an hour. This morning, they were rounding up Preloaders to work as Helpers. I avoided that meeting and got out of the building as fast as I could. If I took a Helper, I would have been loaded up with extra stops. I ran about two thirds of my area today, with 162 stops instead of my maximum dispatch of about 135. If I had my whole route, it would have had about 210-220 stops, so post peak volume is still high. This is the same thing that happened last year, it seemed like the end of January before volume slowed down to more traditional post peak numbers. I would guess the Preloader/Helpers would be paid at their Preloader rate, I don't know if they go into time and a half.

    I will be glad when this peak is over.
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    I dont have my union contract book with me, but i thought i remember the language stating that peak driving help was only allowed until the end of december... at which point they have to start offering that work to current employees, like.. air drivers, package handlers, and such.
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    When we've got every driver, air driver, utility driver, and sups on road they'll ask preloaders to help. Which is what's happening now to us. Gotta get those packages delivered. No sense in training new PTers for driver jobs now when they'll just get laid off in a month.
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    Why not? Then they'll be there when they are needed next time.
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    Using them here too! Im trying to get a day off so i can get caught up with all of my december grievances. I have to file for the helpers being used this week, and in doing an audit of our air drivers monday and tuesday nights, over 1800 grounds were picked up by them. Time to start a thread hire more drivers, ups will be spending a lot of money on triple time this week! And even more on grievances!
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    you serious? Would you like to become a driver for a few weeks then get laid off for 6 months ???? Have to restructure your whole life for this opportunity. Quit your day job, etc...
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    UPS is all about seniority... so yes. I would love to get hired on as a driver then get laid off for 6 months. And then after that 6 months when they start hiring drivers again i have 6 months more seniority than them, so next time its them who get laid off, and maybe not me.
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    We had a guy in our center that went through this. Quit his day job to become a driver then worked for a couple weeks then was put on layoff for months. He was devastated.
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    That's his fault. Going through that is nothing unique.