Post your most ridiculous customer complaints

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by Dirty Savage, Aug 4, 2007.

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    In the world of business it is said that the customer is always right and here at UPS that seems to be no different judging from the amount of baffling complaints that seem to make their way back to our ears. Some are totally understandable but some just seem to come out of left field. Example:

    Customer calls to complain that the driver - me - did not knock on their door. That's right, I RANG THE DOORBELL. When the customer was informed of this, they proceeded to say that the doorbell did not work. Well, with no note to indicate this, how was I supposed to know? (Yeah, I know i could have knocked as well, but when I rang the doorbell a dog inside started barking so I assumed the doorbell worked)

    The other day a customer called to complain that I was delivering to the wrong apartment. The box said apt. 500 and the registry had the customer's name listed as apt. 500, so I buzzed that number. The customer called in a rage and said she moved to, i don't know, apt. 700 or something. Well, gee, if you didn't change your address with the shipper and your building super did not change the registry to reflect your move, how is that my fault?

    Oh but my favourite has to be this: I once got a complaint from a customer who called to complain that I was delivering to his house WHILE HE WAS AT WORK!!!! And since it was an Adult Sig. Req. package there was no way he was gonna get it. I mean, really, whoever takes these complaints and forwards them on . . . why would they think that this was even feasible?

    what are yours?
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    A while ago when we were on the 1st diad a customer called in a concern ( complaint ) that I didn`t wipe off the pen ( stylus ) before I handed it to her to sign for pkg. It was winter during the flu season. So after that I asked her if it was ok if I could sign her name while she watches me and then I put my initials after it so I know I signed it. I told my sup of this new procedure????? and he said it was ok
  3. canoworms

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    Around the time of the O.J. Simpson trial, I had a customer call in and say that I walked into their house, took a poop, and failed to flush away the evidence. When my supe confronted me with the complaint, I quickly asked for the results of the DNA test which would have proven that the said poop did not in fact come from my colon. When he said that a DNA test had not been performed, I knew that victory was mine. To paraphrase Johnny Cochran, 'If the poop Don't fit, you must aquit.'
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    I had a customer tell me to stop shoving the diad in her face and to not bother her when she is dealing with a customer. I simply said "how about I stop delivering here" and walked out.
  5. brownieboy

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    Now THERE is service!!
  6. hoser

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    The best is when you get a package for J Smith going to Apt 403 and the buzzer directory is numbered 01-99 and there is no J Smith on the directory but a lot of "Occupied". So, of course it gets tagged. Then when I get it back the next day, there's a label that says "buzz 32". I do that, then the guy receiving the package always gives a snide attitude and a complete look of spite towards me, as if I should have remembered him from the last delivery I made to him 6 months ago.
  7. brownrodster

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    LOL. she's been nicer and more prompt since...
  8. DS

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    I get customers that complain because when I get an oncall they ask where is it going?
    I tell them that I have no idea,as all I get is where to pick it up.
    They say well thats just stupid.
    I usually ask them next that if I pick up say 3000 pkgs that day,
    I should know the exact destination of every one? Maybe they are right,if our diads could hold all that info it would be great,but that would be way in the future if it ever occurs.
  9. Well this is not quite a complaint but still funny as hell. I had to deliever to a guy living at the end of a dead end

    Anyway as I approached the door I saw him spying through the blinds...not thinking anything of it I just scanned the package, driver released it and gave the door a quick knock. Right as my hand touched the door he bust outta there screaming that he didnt expect the package and assumed it was some type of BOMB. Then proceeded to call the police and insited that I move my truck down the street and wait for the police to come.

    Heh, well as stupid I would have felt if it was a bomb, I decided to check the label to see where it came from as the man cowered inside his house. When he reappeared I told him who it was from and he seemed to forget completly the fit he just had and said it was a false alarm. Anyway I know there are alot of eccentric ppl out there but come on. It was a 1-800 flowers box btw. lol
  10. Sammie

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    While in customer service I kept receiving complaint after complaint from a receiver who claimed he wasn't getting some special kind of office phone he kept ordering, even though the tracking numbers showed they were delivered to his place of business and signed for
    by the same lady each time. But he checked with her and there were
    no phones.

    So I put my Sherlock Holmes hat on and called this company myself, asking for the lady who signed for the company's packages. I told her who I was and what I wanted and she admitted that she shared a desk with Mr. Special who required his "unique phone", that he was an S.O.B., she hated his guts and she'd been throwing his phones away...

    Well, now. I'd hate to think what she'd do if she got really upset! :sad:
  11. 705red

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    I got a complaint from a shipper on my route who refused to accept a package that she sent out that was refused by the receiver! She asked me to bring it back tomorrow she had to check on it? I told her she couldnt refuse it, it was hers to begin with! We went back and forth for a couple minutes so i told her when she wanted it, it would be at will call to come and get it herself!
  12. longlunchguy

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    On one of my first routes I had a pick up at an industrial business. The guy in the back was a complete jerk. It turned out his dad was the business owner, and junior felt like he could do whatver he wanted, and say whatever he wanted. I couldn't figure out how to deal with him (remember, first route) but the guy who is now my on-road sup dealt with him by taking him to a strip clb, and introducing him to a dancer who became his future wife!!!!!!!

    BLACKBOX Life is a Highway...

    I had a delivery to a resi for a box that was sig req. The front door was wide open and I noticed a guy on a couch sleeping with the tv on. I rang the bell about 10 times..nothing, This guy was dead asleep. I yelled his name..nothing...I even threw a shoe at his feet to get his attention..hit him hard...nothing...just keep snoring away.

    Outside the door was a long telescopic broom used to wash an RV. I figured if I extended to the max I might be able to poke him from the front door. After the 3rd poke on his leg I gave up this guy was truly in la la land.

    The next day when I re-del this box he was working in his yard. I never told him about the events from yesterday.
  14. steward377

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    This is not my complaint but I really read this concern from another driver.

    Lady got a package and called the 800 number and said there was something on the package and she was pretty sure it was poop and wanted to know wat the heck was wrong with her driver that he would deliver a package with poop on it.

    She calls back the next day and appologizes up and down and that her doctor had switched up her medications and she had been confused. (I am Laughing out loud right now) she was pretty sure that it was her poop and hoped her driver was not in trouble.

    I swear this to be a true story
  15. brownrodster

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    Shippers can refuse those packages that were refused by the people they sent them to.

    When this happens the package is abondoned to overgoods and sold on ebay.

    A few times I've told shippers that if they refuse this package it is abondoned and we sell it on ebay! They change their mind real quick.
  16. brown67

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    Had a driver in our center who kept getting complaints from a company that had to have their deliveries by 9:00. This driver had an industrial area with a lot of nxda, so he would get his airs off by 10:30 and then go and deliver to this company. No good. Company would complain everyday. Drivers tells his sup (good guy) to give him one week to fix the problem.

    The next week this driver would show up at this company at 16:59 right before they close and make his delivery. They screamed bloody murder and called in complaints, but the supervisors let the driver go.

    The next Monday the driver shows up just after 10:30 to make his delivery and tells the receiver: "Call in another complaint and your deliveries will be made at 1659 again." Never had another complaint again.
  17. wornoutupser

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    Perhaps the most amusing and outright stupid complaint was made against me many years ago.

    I was on a three week vacation and returned. I was called into the office that morning with my steward.

    When I asked why I was there, the center manager informed me that a customer called in a complaint against me, by name, for running him off the road in my UPS vehicle.

    I laughed my head off and so did my steward. I was 800 miles away on vacation for the entire three weeks and the complaint was right in the middle!

    My [email protected]** center manger still put my on a PITTS form for the incident- and it was still in my record the last time I was allowed to see it!

    And they wonder WHY I have an attitude problem!!
  18. Harry Manback

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    I had a lady (real nutjob) call in and complain that was running 45 mph in her one street subdivision. When my sup confronted me, I asked, "She got a radar gun? Can you get those at Wal-Mart?" He said "Just slow down in there." Now, everytime I pass her house, I'll drop it in 1st and wind it out all the way down her street. Honk and wave excitedly everytime i see her and make her sign for everything just to make her uncomfortable...maybe I'm the nutjob...:w00t:
  19. mrvngrdns

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    I had a radio built into a plastic tool box that I used to set on the flat area next to the drivers side window. I had put a bumper sticker on the back of it that said.."Still :censored2: at Yoko", and someone noticed it in the window and called UPS and complained. I ripped it off that night and put it on the inside of my locker door, where it remained until I retired.
  20. govols019

    govols019 You smell that?

    Had a customer that called in a complaint on a driver for not taking his sunglasses off when he delivered.