Postal Service Competes For Package Delivery Business On The Backs Of American Letter Writers

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    Congress needs to look into the way that the USPS uses its monopoly over First Class mail to cross subsidize its growing package delivery business. It is clear that the USPS needs new sources of revenue in order to remain viable and recapitalize its aging infrastructure and systems. But this should not be to the disadvantage of highly efficient private companies nor done on the backs of the average American consumer.
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    Agree! I also feel that since we give to PO half the packages they deliver, we ought to be able to use the CUSTOMER'S mailbox for small stuff in rural areas.
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    Ever since USPS failed to deliver certain bills on time and then got them about 2 months late ripped in half I opted to go paperless on almost everything. I've never seen the back of the USPS, but I can't imagine it being as "efficient" as UPS package handling?