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Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by Hoaxster, Jan 20, 2009.

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    Appears I crossed the line...was not aware, and you probably are not either, that we are not to copy and paste info from on a public forum. The below is what was conveyed to me by one of the Corporate monitors of this site. Now that I know, I will not do it again.

    I have to question you on posting info from Although info may seem benign, if UPS wanted it public, it would go out as a press release. In fact, I’m sure you are well aware of the terms of service of which state, in part, “ is confidential to UPSUPS. and the information received through must be held confidential, and is subject to the confidentiality and non-use obligations you owe to UPS.” I think this information, or anything posted on, should not be posted on a public forum unless the same information has been released by UPS and is to be used solely by you for non-commercial purposes related to your employment with for public dissemination.
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    The Hoaxter got owned...
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    The scary thing is people are actually reading things on
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    Which post did they get you on Hoax?
  6. Monkey Butt

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    Good try...trying to get me in more trouble!
    Thanks, Buddy :wink2:
  7. drewed

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    LOL you could have put a link to the thread it was in....did they create an account and PM you?
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    You best be careful, they'll come looking for you at your workplace, obviously that isn't far from where they work :wink2:
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    Was that today, Hoax?
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    Probably the one about Corporate monitors being chronic masterbaters.
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    Say you are sorry and promise never to do it again.
    3 Hail Mary's, 5 Our Fathers and pray the Act of contrition.
    Go forth and sin no more, my son.
    On the other hand, "they" disburse this secret information, openly, to Upser's.
    If one paraphrased or said they heard a rumor, ect..., is this construed to be revealing proprietary info?
    Once again, cya.

    Never, cut, copy and paste, from any site, without permission.
    It's the law.( rarely abided by,or enforced, on the internet)

    I totally agree with the copyright laws and respect UPS's right to enforce their rightful domain, but, unless you were giving away insider trading information, or giving away the secret codes of how IE determines time standards, they have little weight for their case of Upser's sharing basic company information.

    In conclusion,
    cya the best you can.
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    Actually it isn't illegal to C&P from another site if you give them credit for the material. That is unless it says that it is NOT to be used anywhere else.
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    To the “Corporate Monitor”, welcome to Brown Café! Now, ‘splain something to me, how come you aren’t out there getting us some sales leads?

    I’m concerned I may accidentally post information I read at To make sure I stay within the law I’m changing my electronic pay stub back to paper so there’s no need for me to ever visit again. I’ll pass the word.
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    As a general rule, if you have to use a password to login to a website, do not copy and paste it on here. If it is a UPS Press Release, then that is fine. If you do copy and paste something else, please leave a link or give credit to the author. We routinely have to remove copywrited materials.
  15. dilligaf

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    Thanks Scratch. I would never have thought of this. Is the copy-righted material removed b/c it doesn't contain author information? How do you know what to remove what what can stay? Just trying to get some more parameters to go by.
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    I agree, I think Ill help kill some trees just because it is so bone headed, Geez, the things they enforce.
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    Hey ya doin? How's hubby doin? Sorry 'bout the hijack.
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    Illegal in an interesting concept. when you look at the TOS, it tells you that to sign in, you must agree to abide by the TOS, which in this case tells you this is information for you only, not the general public. So to post it would violate your TOS with UPS, making you liable for action by the company. From a slap on the wrist to getting fired to legal action, depending on what they had for breakfast.

    So just dont do it if the TOS says no. Both on this site and others as well.

  19. pickup

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    How did the corporate monitor notify you? PM? (means he is a registered member here ) Did they notice you downloaded and linked something from Just curious how they made the connection and conveyed their concern.
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    I don't think Hoax is anonymous, as most of us are. I would bet he got EMailed via his UPS EMail.