Postman no longer wants to get out of their trucks

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    UPDATE 1-For new U.S. homes, no more mailman at the door under postal plan | Reuters
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    extend this to sure-post packages and I am all for it!

    The latest contract spelled out size and weight requirements for sure-post packages and the company was not against the company this clairvoyant???
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    meh really...All of our new neighborhoods for the last 10 years have had cluster boxes at the front of the neighborhoods. It's pretty smart really. It'll put a damper on people's comfort having them get out of their car and walk or get out of their cars and get the mail.
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    This is not the first time this idea has been proposed. The first time republicans put this idea up it failed. It will most likely fail again.

    These cost cutting measures for the 'failing' postal service are a farce. All they need to do is remove the requirement for the Postal service to prefund their pensions for 75 YEARS, and they are magically profitable again. No other company or even gov't sector I know of has this ridiculous requirement.

    Typical political BS.
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    Mail people not wanting to get out of thier trucks has been in action here forever. They just nose the truck up to the garage and drop the package out of the driver side door, sometimes bagged, mostly not. She also tosses them in the yard or on the sidewalk, sometimes right next to a car where she pulled up next to in the driveway. Half the time it's a surepost package, I just walk past it as I go to the door and perform our superior service.

    You want basic cheap service as you pull out from your garage, running over mail delivered stuff that's been sitting there for two days, you got it. You want door to door service, notification your package has arrived, placed in a secure location without fear if it's out of sight and weather, along with a general time frame of when we'll be there, pick UPS for the last mile if you can.

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    All it is saying is that you can't have your mailbox next to the front door, it needs to be on the curb so the mail truck can drive up and deliver instead of a postal worker forced to walk through the neighborhood, which costs them more money.

    Also, if you have a package or signature required delivery, they still will get out of the mail truck to go to the front door.