Poverty As We Know It, A Creature of the State?

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    Scratching By: How Gov't Creates Poverty As We Know It.
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    Long article that states the obvious.
    Just this weekend, I went down to Houston and showed my wife where I worked when we first met in college.
    It was a new world to her.
    She asked why so many homeless men were sitting in one spot?
    I explained that it was a gathering spot for people to get cash day jobs.
    40 yrs later,the same spot is still used for people looking for day labor.
    I could blather on, but when people are given things for free they are just letting the slave shackles slip smoothly onto their ankles.

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    Speaking of Houston and another major factor in poverty.


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    A Libertarian Approach

    Dr. Steve Horwitz presents his ideas based on 3 elements
    1) eliminate all minimum-wage and occupational-licensure laws.
    2) open up the public schools to competition, if not outright abolishing them.
    3) end the War on Drugs.

    Read the article for the specifics as to why and how concerning those 3 items.
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    Isn't it anybody's job to check stuff like that??
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    Interesting video. So why do we need to redistribute wealth....
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    Here's a start and then should you choose, this might prove worthwhile.