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    My Supe rode along the other day for my yearly ride. My truck was in the shop so I had an old beast of a P10. Just wrestling it out of the corner of the building was like trying to keep Reggie White off of a QB. A couple of times she requested that I carry 1 pound pkgs by opposite corners close to my body. She didn't seem to notice that I had to reach 2 feet in front of my body to muscle the vehicle around the corner. SAFETY FIRST!
  2. brownmonster

    brownmonster Man of Great Wisdom

    PS I'm not complaining about the fact that I have to use a truck with no power steering. I know many drivers drive them every day as did I. Just the fact that it can be overlooked for so long with the constant preaching of in the name of safety.
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    No doubt, sups do as they always do, find something to nit-pick.

    A driver I preload for said he was closing his bulk head door that was behind him. A rid-along-safety-sup said " you need to square up with the door, face it and then close it". Its bs, these sups have no reason getting paid by UPS.

    Overall, I figure these are people who like to play dress up. Get paid a lot to badger real hard working people for their common daily work. I'd like my sup to work my cars for a month, in a week around Thursday or Friday, you'll be ready to quit. And i've been doing this for a year and six months.

    That said, sups job is to give as much grief to little stress for themselves. These people sit in offices where A/c and heated rooms are common. Most of them hired off the street and never worked a hard job in building or anywhere else. That is why they are fired so easily, and why they are so rash in observence. I say screw'em, in a year they will probably working somewheres else.
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    It's not BS. You are more likely to get injured closing the bulkhead in any way other than the way the sup described. The worst is closing it while in the seat as you have to overextend to do so.

    As for the rest of your post.......yawn.
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    I believe the term is "out of range motion"
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    End range motion, maybe?
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    My wife doesn't take interest in my Power Zone anymore. :sad-very:
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    Maybe you need to work on your Methods.:surprised:
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    Or your delivery!:wink2:
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    excuse my inappropriate staring but I like your heart.:happy2:
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    You already have a heart on. Back off.:happy-very:
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    Its not just the lack of power steering...its the low-backed seat, 2 point seat belt, high step, and overall poor ergonomic design.

    UPS intentionally deleted every single feature from these vehicles that might potentially help the driver do his job safely.

    A company that would make a business decision to dispatch a human being onto a public highway in one of these deathtraps doesnt even deserve to say the word "safety", much less try to pretend that they care about it.
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    Did your sup drive on your yearly to show you the correct methods. Did she get the oppritunity to "crank the wheel".
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    Agreed. All this safety stuff is just mitigation if UPS finds itself at the sharp end of another class action lawsuit.
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    Thanks tie, looks like you're heart-on is doing just fiine too.:happy2:
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    Its just of course my opinion that the end range motion from pushing the door shut, is no less end range than reaching back for the seatbelt. I understand what they are saying, and will do it as I have been told to. But its one in the same. Especially when it gets stuck between the door and the seat and you have to wrestle with it.
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    As I wrestled it out of the corner I mentioned how much fun it will be for her. She informed me she couldn't drive due to some condition. An On-Car Supe that can't drive? Isn't that special.
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    Woman driver syndrome???

    Go ahead, you where thinking the same thing!:happy2: J/K
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    ....sounds to me like the company is making, "......reasonable accomadation to the known limitations of an otherwise qualified handicapped individual.".

    See if they will do the same for an hourly union employee.