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Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by cboy, Jun 7, 2005.

  1. cboy

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    Ok i started about a month ago and im in the testing period. Im a loader, and ive noticed that my PPH has been low, I thought it was because I was slow, but ive noticed now that when i close the uld on my scanner to do recycling or something it doesnt stop the time and my pph gets lower even though i am not in a trailer scanning anything. I think its always been like that, and ive been working my ass off for nothing, what do you guys recommend i do?..if i get laid off for this im gonna be really pissed
  2. fredly00

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    I think as long as your on the clock your PPH
    is calculated. At least thats how I figured mine
    on preload.. cause I was always on the higher side
    of the average for the AM... ie together we
    all would average 95pph, but alone I was around
    115-120(on one occassion) And I calculated, punch in/punch out incl. break... LOL
  3. speeddemon

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    Its the same for a driver. ALL of our time is thrown into our SPORH. Even if we are running the NDA, or unloading our truck at night. Its not right, but hey, as long as they get my check right on Thursday, they can calculate however they want.
  4. proups

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    Your PT Sup should be spot checking your PPH by clocking you for three minutes. You should just go ask your PT Sup how you are doing.
  5. sillyputty

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    From what I've been told, the scanners stop tracking the time after three minutes of not being used. At least that's what my P/T sup told me one day. I work in our air dock and we get periods of heavy volume, then a bunch of air time. We were told our numbers would look better if we let stuff pile up a little, then scanned a bunch and waited over three minutes before doing another batch. Not sure if it's the same everywhere or if we all have the same scanners. Ours were replaced from the old grey curly corded ones to the larger belt ones with the seperate scanner piece. i think they're motorola. Anyway...that's what I've been told.
  6. ups79

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    by letting stuff pile up your management team is only trying to make himself look better. damn man just do the scanning as a pkg flows. that's what is wanted "a flow".
  7. sillyputty

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    That's ALL they care about. And making sure you code over to anything BUT production no matter what ASAP. Like to take the CHSPs and stuff. I personally don't care- I have my job, I get about 500 packages of air in my ULD on most nights and that's in a little over two hours. I only get as much as I get. I have no control over how many come in. The less the better.

    Our real problem is getting our truck out on time now that they did that morning thing (not even sure what it does, but the drivers are all getting in about an hour later than they used to ever since we got this "great new efficient system").
  8. s0lishu

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    Doing recycling and breaking other people's jams instead of loading all shift and ensuring your 300 pph means you're a team player. I would hope that your manager is observing your work ethic for himself, rather than letting the computer do it all for him.

    I'm in the same boat, btw, so if I'm wrong and the computer generated pph numbers are all the matters, someone please let us know.
  9. wily_old_vet

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    sillyputty-"the less the better"? If we get less then your job is in jeopardy. Not a real bright way to think.
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    When I was a supervisor, I looked more at work ethic, how well they adapt to the job, attendance, attitude, and team player-ness (very very very VERY important). If you're doing a good job, then they'll keep you. Ask your sup for some feedback.
  11. fly_by_night

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    Well if your on the new GSS scanner system (the wireless ones), your pph is graphed. When you scan it counts. When you don't it doesn't. The report is very accurate.
  12. hoser

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    they won't fire you for pph, even your supervisors realise PPH is extremely flawed; PPH on the sort is based on the last package off the unload, not the last package sorted and loaded.

    i've never heard of PPH being closely measured by the company.