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    I recently took the Pre-Course assessment. I passed the Safety assessment but when I finished the DIAD overview and DIAD parts 1 and 2. There was no assessment test but according to the packet I received, there is an assessment test for DIAD. After completing the DIAD portion the whole pre-course disappeared from my UPS University page. Was that suppose to happen when you completed the pre-course? Is there an assessment test for the DIAD portion?
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    I have no idea
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    You might already be too qualified for this job
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    Although it was a different issue, I also had problems with the DIAD assessment (mine wouldn't save, so it appeared as though I never took it). Just take a picture and send it to your HR person. They'll figure it out.
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    Headed to Intergrad

    Nope, no integrad thread here. Nope, not stuck at the top of the main page.