Pre-Loader Contract?

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    Just curious if Pre-Loaders have a contract, because I never remember signing one.

    I made this post because I had a co-worker (loader, preload) who didn't know his safety questions for the upcoming audit. As a result everyday when he comes into work he is given a quiz, if he fails a question he is sent home immediately. This has happened two days now, and I know he's not learning it on purpose because he feels that he cannot be fired for not knowing the questions. Not to mention these questions are easy as hell...

    Is he correct in thinking he cannot be fired for this?

    This guy hasn't been there very long, about three months I believe, and he doesn't pay union dues.
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    Haha touche` good sir.
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    Yes the preload is under the "contract." They are required to know the safety questions as part of their employment in the contract. This person needs to get with the safety chairperson and review each and every question with the safety chairperson. If this individual is not in the union, he/she is very lucky to have a job still for not knowing those answers. Have he/she get with the safety chairperson and tell the supervisor that they are reviewing every morning with the chairperson, and within x amount of days they still don't know, they can terminate them....that simple.
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    Our center spent months training people on the safety questions. These people would come in early and suck up time sitting on their buns being fed the info like babies. I don't believe anyone was ever fired for not knowing them.

    It's best to memorize the safety rules then remind management of them if work conditions become unsafe.
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    Preload is covered under the master agreement as well as your local supplement. You don't sign anything but receive a ballot in the mail to mark and return.

    If you're not a union member you don't get a ballot.
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    this guy is rolling in his grave (wherever it may be)

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    I wonder how he would feel about the way Jr runs the ship?
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    I'm thinking Jr. would be taken to the woodshed
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    Says who?
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    If the company requires you to know it, then they need to do their best to teach it to you and you should do your best to learn it on the clock.