Pre-Loader Pay?

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    Word handed down that unless you actuaully determine the destination of a package on our pre-load, you will loose your dollar per hour. Does any other pre-load operation have this policy or have been told this is the new policy? The includes the unloaders, de-baggers, label scanners, etc. I have been with the company for over 20 years and we have never had this issue. If you work on the pre-load shift and bid for the pre-load, are you not a "pre-loader"?

    I do not understand the company arguement. Under Article 59 (b) in the Southern supplement wages are talked about for new hires. Starting pay is in 2 catagories. All Other and Pre-loader, Sorter. Pre-loader, Sorter makes $1.00 per hour more. How can a person be a pre-loader right off the street, if it is a bidded position? We have always had the pre-load shift as a $1.00 per hour increase in wages above all other sorts, regardless of the actual job you do.

    Am I off base?
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    I have heard this rumor that since PAS sorting and preloading are no longer skilled positions but we will see what happens I think the pay will stay the same.
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    I think itll stay the same till the end of this contract unless theres some sort of agreement made but I would see the company pushing to get rid of the skilled position pay for preloaders, most centers are on PAS now 18 months ago a lot of places still werent.
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    All this topic makes me think about is that extra dollar the people in the sort aisle get for sending packages to the wrong belt. Loaders don't get enought respect. (I mean normal loader and not pre-loaders btw)
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    We all work under different supplementa and riders and local practices. Here, you didn't get the skilled wage bump unless you actually LOAD on the preload shift, I think, and I'm not sure if they're giving that to the PAS loaders now. But, yes, after 6 months you have the right to bid an attempt to qualify as a preloader and bump anyone with less seniority, at least if they didn't get the job by bid. If they did it depends on local practice, apparently. Main sort line only gets the skilled bump if the sort is complicated enough -- it must have been preload when I recall not qualifying for it. 5 belts, maybe 20 zips, not enough.
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    In my center, when I was training, there were four of us. They drew out of a hat which two go to pre-load and which two go to unload. The southern region contracts shows two columns for pay.

    This is how it reads in my handbook.

    Hourly Rate
    Preloader All
    Sorter Others
    9.50 8.50
    Start plus ninety (90) calender days
    10.50 9.50
    Seniority plus one (1) year
    11.00 10.00
    Seniority plus two (2) years
    11.50 10.50
    Seniority plus three (3) years
    12.00 11.00
    Seniority plus four (4) years
    12.87 11.87

    Just by looking at the column, it shows that Preloader and Sorter ARE classified as the same, therefor you should make the same amount as an equal-seniority sorter.
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    whats the difference between a loader and a preloader
  8. UnsurePost

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    A loader usually loads into a trailer, a preloader loads into a package car.
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    If your picks knew what they were doing, you shouldn't see a missort in the load regardless.