Precident for returning to pkg from feeder?

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by Unregistered, Dec 6, 2005.

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    Can anyone tell me if there is a precident for a driver returning to pkg from feeder if the stress level/hours etc become a burden to his family? This is a long time driver that survived abt. 3 months feeder...

    We are in Norcal, but interested if anyone has "gone back" for any reason.

    Thank You.
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    check your union book. In some areas you can bid back and forth, in other parts of the country you can't. Once in feeders, you are stuck their unless you get laid off and rolled back ro pkg. GOOD LUCK
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    In our area, once on feeders you are stuck there for at least a year. Then if an opening comes open in package, you can bid back. We have at least 7 or 8 in our center that have done so in the last 5 years.

    Many more have talked about it, but when the reality of hitting the street again with long hard hours of work instead of just driving, they decided to stay in feeders.

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    Yup, I'm glad to be back in Package. Working those oddball hours is for the insane.

    OP, please feel free to PM me for more info.
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    The thread is from 2005?
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    Resurrected by 9/5.
    This issue has arose in my building.
    Here it is a 3 year commitment once qualified.
    In my mind, it is not unreasonable for the company to require this, as they have made a significant investment in training these drivers in their pursuit of a CDL license.
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    +1 and it's the same here.
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    So why did you bid back to package?
  9. cachsux

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    Work is hard,WAA!:pouting:
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    Agreed! You accept the UPS training knowing there is a commitment required. I fulfilled mine and got out!
    The OP should be able to tough it out for the required time.
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    I missed my old center manager.....
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    I've witnessed many feeder drivers come back to package, but I believe its based on your local contract. Also, its my understanding (please correct me if I'm wrong) that if you obtain the class A through a UPS school you are obligated to drive feeders if they need you. They start with the most senior class A package driver if they want to go to feeders and work their way down until the bottom. If they don't fill the position by asking in seniority order, the bottom guy that obtained the class A through UPS is forced into feeders. I'm speaking from the New England supplement. I think I have this right.

    Besides this, feeder drivers are free to move between feeders and package at every bid, no? Also, its my understanding that a feeder driver can bid a package route for the annual (now bi-annual) bid and pick his vacations in the package center. Then, 2 months later he can bid on a feeder job and keep his summer weeks that he would have not gotten in the feeder vacation picks.

    Am I wrong? This kind of irks me, but its the system and I have to live with it. Still, it irks me becuase I've been with UPS for 12 years and I can't get 1 summer week off and part of that has to do with feeder drivers pulling tricks so THEY can get a summer week! It is what it is I guess?

    Just to vent for a minute, I'm not a rookie here, I'm a 12 year veteran. I've been dating the same girl for 7 years and her entire family goes to a beautiful lake in NH for 2 weeks every year and every year they ask my girl why Browniehound is never here. They can't believe in the last 7 years that I couldn't get a week off in July to stay at the cottage. They think I'm avoiding them or something because they don't understand UPS.

    My girl tries to explain the situation but I don't think they buy it. The adults and especially the little kids alway ask "Where is uncle Browniehound"? My girl says he'sworking and they don't buy it.

    All I want is 1 summer week. Just 1. I have at least 5 senior drivers in my center take all their weeks (6) during the summer (which is their right) along with the package-to-feeder drivers sucking up summer weeks and I have no chance. Can you feel my frustration? My mother doesn't believe me and my girl's mother doesn't believe me. They think I'd rather take my vacation in March without them! Its causing ill will with my future MIL.

    I'm talking 12 years here, not 6 months. I just want 1 July week. Just 1. Even August or late June would be better. Its not happening in my center!

    See, when I go to my girl's family barbeque's and explain to them about UPS they don't get it because they live in a normal world. They all work M-F 9-5 without understanding how great they have it! They ask questions like "why can't Browniehound be here by 700 on Monday"?
    My girl then explains that he starts at 830 and works until his route is done.

    For example on July 6th (the hottest day on earth here in MA) my girl's friend wanted us to come over when I got out of work for a couple of frozen drinks. Sounded awesome to me, however when she told them 830 they asked why. Does Browniehound not want to come over? They asked her.

    No, it was 103 degrees and my entire body was wet. I punched out at/around 715 and needed to shower big-time, but normal people don't understand the UPS driver/on-car sup. way of life.

    All I want is 1 week and the system and my own brothers are screwing me, lol. Have mercy on us middle of the list guys when you pick all 6 weeks in July and August.

    Again, only at UPS that an employee can not have a summer vacation! I never here this crap from my girl's entire family. 19 of them make it there every year. Browniehound hasn't been there in the last 7 and they all wonder why?
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    You really don't like her family, do you?

  14. Richard Harrow

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    Many of the guys in my center complain about the same thing. I personally don't care. Summer vacations are available to me when my times comes to pick (I am 43rd of 63 in my center with 7 years on road) but I don't like hot weather, so if I were on vacation in July and August, I'd waste it by sitting home in the A/C doing nothing. So I have always taken the same weeks. Two consecutive weeks in May, two consecutive weeks in September, and the week of Thanksgiving. The guys below me are going to love me in about 15 years lol.
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    I worked 2 years in feeders.I loved the job hated the night hours.Ive been back in pkg for 16 weeks now.All i can say is that i feel 100%better because i can sleep now.Nights was worse on the family.
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  17. over9five

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    HA! I think the feeling is mutual so maybe its a blessing in disguise that I can't get that week! However, they still talk crap about me, so I can't win...
  19. UpstateNYUPSer

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    How far are you from the ocean? I went to the Jersey shore one summer and loved it.
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    Respectfully, nights were worse on the family? I`ve bid on late night start times for as long as I have had the seniority to get them. If I`m going to be away from the house/family I`d rather do it when everyone is asleep. If we want to do something now we can go as soon as I get home. Any errands can be run when all the stores are open,tasks done while it`s still light out. As far as the sleep deal a pair of earplugs and light blocking shades and it`s solved for me. On long vacations I`d be up late and sleeping into the morning anyway so it`s no loss for me.