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  1. snookbunny420

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    how do i switch areas in the hub? signed a prefered job posting and was then told senoirity does not matter that i have to wait for someone to quit before i can take that job
  2. UPSGUY72

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    You need to read your local rider / supplement and see what it says. But unless it a bid position you can't bump a person that has less seniority than you. If it is a bid position you have to wait to annual or biennial bids and then bid the position.
  3. shawnie cochran

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    No, you have to wait for a job openning in that area. That means no one else with less senority could move there before you. But you cant bump anyone out of there work, as a part timer. Atleast in NE supp
  4. PT Car Washer

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    Seniority does matter, but you have to wait for an opening. You can't just go in and kick a person out of their job. We do not have yearly bids. It is your job until you leave it. Ask your BA about past practices.
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    Is that true? I was always under the impression that if you had more seniority then you can bump an employee out of whichever preferred area it is (bulk or small sort). I'm from the area.
  6. PiedmontSteward

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    Not true. You can't "bump" someone out of a preferred job by bidding into that job. Now, if there's a reduction in force (ie. layoff) then people are sent back to the inbound/outbound from the bottom up -- for example, you have 8 clerks assigned to the hub during peak. Volume drops during January and there's not enough work for the clerks to do and staffing is reduced to 6 until volume reaches a certain level again; the two most junior clerks are then "laid off" to another part of the building.

    All that being said, the PT preferred jobs lists are usually one of the best kept secrets in the hub.
  7. mvol50

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    Interesting. I like to stay informed to help open the eyes of the employees. I helped a few of my guys get into seasonal driving and 2 of them got a ft job out of it. I definitely agree that the preferred jobs list flies well below the radar.
  8. Wally

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    What job are you interested in?
  9. UpstateNYUPSer

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    I would love to play left field for the Red Sox but at my age I don't see that happening.
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    i went from charge aisle to Ireg driver, then at peak was told i had to load cuz a loader went back to drive. now i want my ireg job back but it was filled by a building transfer. sup also told me he wanted to keep an eye on me cuz as ireg driver i was under a different sup. this sup basically make me his b@#ch and sends me all over the building while expecting me to also load my own trucks.
  11. Wally

    Wally Hailing from Parts Unknown.

    Ireg driver is a good gig!
  12. PiedmontSteward

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    The company can fill preferred job openings during peak without referring to the bid list but the seasonals/low seniority employees that take those spots should be bumped back to the inbound/outbound in January. In no way should you have been bumped out of your irreg driver job because they were "understaffed" in the outbound.

    The company is also supposed to recognize seniority within the work group. They should be shuffling around the most junior guy on each belt when they need spot help, not someone with higher seniority.
  13. Ouch

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    Amen. Did that before I went full time. Swweeeeettt
  14. hey, so i have a question. im new here. i just signed up and i dont know how to post a new thread. ive been with ups for 13 yrs pt and i was in the car wash position for over 12 yrs. i filed some grievances and the next week i was unloading and have evr since. im trying to go to the small sort. i have seniority over everyone and the union guy said there is suppose to be a seniority bid list up. but ive never seen one. he said that as long as ppl are being moved in and out of there then they should give me a permanant position and two union guys said they would call the center and request that i be moved there but now they want answer the phone and they never even called the center. is there anything i can do? the lowest guy on seniority also has skill pay and ive never had that. im mad . i think i should get backpay for that. thanx
  15. PiedmontSteward

    PiedmontSteward RTW-4-Less

    First of all: you never should've been pulled from carwash but it's likely too late to resolve that. Who are the two union guys you're talking about? Are they your stewards or your business agent? What supplement are you covered under?

    The preferred jobs bid lists in the hub are usually located in the sort manager's office or somewhere else by mutual agreement between the company and the union. Approach your sort manager and ask him where the small sort bid list is -- if he waffles and stalls, grieve it under the article in your supplement covering preferred jobs.
  16. PT Car Washer

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    PT car wash jobs get eliminated all the time. Easy place to cut hours.
  17. thanx so much PiedmontSteward. sorry i took so long to get back to talking about business agents. they said i should have that job and now they wont call me back or anything. said they would call the center manager but didnt . i asked the dock supervisor last night where the prefered jobs list is and he just walked off. im gonna file today if i can find a grieveance form that is. i guess ill label it. ''put up prefered jobs list under art. 63 sect. 6 as is in my contract. and i dont really know what you mean by supplement. sorry. thanx for your help. i guess all i can do is file and see what happens. i know ill be retaliated on. but if they do ill file harrasment and retaliation. they asked me to stay and park cars last night i told them if they helped me get a job in smalls i would. he said '' like i said its up to you if you wanna stay.'' but i knew he wanted me to. i told him if they wanted me on carwash then they should have left me on carwash. it was too cold last night . i didnt have any extra clothes. but i would have if they would help me i would help them. thats when he walked off after i asked where the preferred jobs list was.
  18. he seemed mad that i didnt stay and park cars. guess they'll retaliate on me for that too.
  19. and one more question.. they never had a prefered jobs list up. no one over in smalls put their name on one. so shouldnt they start over?
  20. PiedmontSteward

    PiedmontSteward RTW-4-Less

    The supplement starts where the National Master agreement ends (Art. 45). If you're in the Atlantic Area (like I am) then you're right -- the correct Article for PT Preferred Jobs is Art. 63, Sec 6.

    They (the company) shouldn't/wouldn't have to scrap the entire smalls sort staffing sheet unless a new small sort shift/area was created, improperly bidded out, and grieved on within 5 working days. You really only have a 5 day window to nail them for sneaking a seniority employee up there ahead of you or the 30 working day window for a seasonal new hire (hired during peak and put in a preferred job -- which they can do in Nov/Dec -- kept on and "allowed" to stay in that spot ahead of seniority PT employee. They try to pull this :censored2: all the time to avoid having to train someone new..) before they attain seniority while working a bid job.

    I would go ahead and file under the article above and under the remedy request something like "For [Twi/Noonday/Midnight] management to maintain all preferred job bid lists in [publicly accessible area in the hub even if the sort manager's door is locked, such as the training department]" along with "and for grievant to be made whole in every way."