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Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by TearsInRain, Aug 15, 2009.

  1. TearsInRain

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    I'm a loader during the preload shift (4am-8am) and i'm sick of my job. I want to get into sort, unload, or frankly anything else with less hassle/stress (you all know what i mean).

    "Such preferred jobs shall include, but not be limited to: Preload, Sorter, Clerical, Irregular Train, Designated Responder, Carwasher, Loader and

    now obviously, the preferred jobs list is the way to go, but i was confused by how it had "preload" as a separate job. is it just referring to being a loader in the preload shift, or is it referring to the entire preload shift?

    i'm assuming the former, but if so, retaining the same shift, would i be taking a pay cut by moving into any other job? if so, retaining the same shift, which jobs would i take a pay cut for?

    i'm gonna be asking my steward this week anyways, but she's pro-management, and will sometimes jerk people around, so i wanted some outside info. and yeah i searched the other threads, but they didn't quite answer the specific questions i have.

    thanks in advance.
  2. JonFrum

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    "Preload" refers to the specific job of walking the packages into the (correct):wink2: package cars, not to the entire Preload Shift.

    If you move to a different job that doesn't involve "sorting" in some way, you may loose the "extra dollar an hour." This varies from building to building depending on UPS' mood. Which has been bad lately.
  3. UpstateNYUPSer

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    When I first saw the title for this thread I thought we were being asked to list the job that we would prefer to do. Here is my list:

    1. Play left field for the Boston Red Sox.
  4. TearsInRain

    TearsInRain IE boogeyman

    JonFrum -
    so a move to unload and i'd lose the dollar, but a move to sort and i'd retain it?

    UpstateNYUPSer -
    well in that case, i'd like to be the mayor of Como, Italy
  5. Mike23

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    Me too! Although mine's a little different then yours.

    1. Be the richest person in the world because of my amazing personality ;) Maybe that explains why it hasn't come to fruitation yet?
  6. TearsInRain

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    You gotta grieve it first
  7. Mike23

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    I dunno, I asked Santa one year if he'd put a good word in with his union (I think it's called The Toyster Union?) about if I could get his route when he retires. He said he'd look into it. 1 12 hour shift a year, full benefits, get to grow a beard and slack off the rest of the year?! SIGN ME UP!
  8. TearsInRain

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    talked to my steward and she told me that:
    A. there was no actual waiting list, i just had to ask my full-time and if there was an opening they had to give it to me. seems kinda faulty without an actual list to keep track of people, but ok.
    B. retaining the preload shift, i would be taking a $1 paycut to do any other job in the building. is that accurate or is she blowing smoke?
  9. UPSroanoke1

    UPSroanoke1 UPSroanoke1

    the preload shift in our area you keep your dollor even if you move from loading package cars. If you move to the unload you are still on the preload. put your name on the list to bid if your shop steward gives you the run around file papers and give it to her. she has to process the paper work she can not pick what she wants to process. then call you BA to let him or her know you have filed
  10. UPSroanoke1

    UPSroanoke1 UPSroanoke1

    she is blowing smoke up your ass. art.23 and art. 63 of contract says there has to be a list. I know sometimes they do it differntly in other area but here they keep a list in the HR office. here we keep our dollor only way we get dollor taken away is if we move to midnight or twilight.
  11. hondo

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    OK, here's what I recommend:
    A. Write a letter to your full-time shift manager, expressing your desire to have your name placed on the "Preferred jobs list". Cc this letter to HR, your union steward, and your BA. Meaning at the bottom of the letter you put:

    cc: (initials of HR rep.), (initials of BA), (initials of steward)

    Give the letter to FT mgr and copies to the other 3 (maybe with a short cover letter), with a witness present. Write down when/where and who witnessed you give them the letters. Now you just gotta keep an eye out for someone new doing a job you want. You should now be covered to grieve it in the future, when a position you want is filled by a new hire/ lower seniority coworker.
    B. In my opinion, sorters on preload shift should still get $1/hr premium pay, but apparently some locals rolled over when PAS is put in. Best person to answer that is your BA.
  12. evilleace

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    I believe you lose your dollar if you chose to do an unskilled job. If the force you into an unskilled job then you keep the dollar.
  13. UPSroanoke1

    UPSroanoke1 UPSroanoke1

    hondo is right put in writing with paper work and then let the BA know. here in our area all of preload is skilled.
  14. TearsInRain

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    Plan of Action:
    i'm going to call up my HR rep and ask her the same questions i asked my steward today and see what she says. if she repeats what the steward said, i'll go to my business agent for a final answer.
    if she contradicts what the steward said, i'll follow hondo's course of action and write letters of intent to my BA/HR/FT/steward and hand them in with a witness present.

    i really don't want to be stuck in preload for peak, again. as an added measure, i could always start grieving for all the harassment and supe-work that goes on here. considering the supes do union work 3/4 of their time, and that the belts would fall apart without the extra help, they'd either have to hire more people (lol), or move me out of preload to avoid being swamped by grievances.

    either way, i think i'm gonna have to start carrying around a notepad and pen to document my work day :wornout:

    btw, if they start coming around, asking me to sign this or that (misload responsibility, pledge to follow methods, etc.) what exactly should i tell them? most people here just roll over and sign, but i'm thinking that's probably not the best course of action from now on..
  15. evilleace

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    Just tell them your not signing also file on every sup working it is not their work if they want to work instead of stand around they shouldn't have gone into supervision.
  16. grgrcr88

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    You should file on every sup working every time, as should every other hourly that sees it. In case your not aware penalty pay for sup working is twice the hourly rate of the position being displaced.

    Tell them you do not wish to sign anything, if they insist ask if you will be disciplined if you refuse. If they say yes sign and put next to your name "under threat of termination"
  17. smokey0810

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    Preferred job lists should be posted in the building every 6 months, for a certain number of weeks, so guys can switch around. I know by us, a "skilled position" is scanning/loading into a trailer, and scanning smalls.
    Switching from pre-load to local sort is also one of the lists, but I am sure if you ask a supervisor to see if there is a need for employees on the local sort, you should be able to switch, no problem. We just had a guy come over from pre-load without incident. No harm in asking.