Pregnant fiance/wife covered?

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by TheSnake, Feb 2, 2009.

  1. TheSnake

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    Alright. Here goes the background to my question and the question itself!

    Fiance and I found out in October that she was 6wks pregnant. She worked full time and had benefits through her employer and all was fine. On Jan 6th her position was eliminated and she was laid off. Her insurance is only good until Feb 19th. COBRA will cost us $700 a month that we really cannot afford.

    According to my insurance we have to be married for her to be covered. We are getting married in a matter of a few weeks. What I am wondering is if the pregnancy will be covered under my insurance since she is already pregnant?

    Reason I ask is because she has applied for individual coverage with a few places locally and been denied due to being pregnant. In Oregon it is considered "a high risk pre-existing condition." She has applied for the Oregon Health Plan, but between her unemployment and my work wages we "make too much to qualify."

    I would like to think that when we get married she can just be added to my insurance and everything will be covered and everything will be just fine, but with the luck we have had so far I really wonder. I cannot imagine being stuck with a $50,000 dollar hospital bill - if not more.

    Don't know if anyone has experienced this or known the outcome of someone who has but anything would be helpful.
  2. over9five

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    I can't answer the pre-existing condition thing, I would think it wouldn't matter.

    BUT.... avoid the lapse in coverage, and seeing you are getting married anyhow, why not go to a JP now? You can still have the wedding whenever you planned it, but she'll be covered now.
  3. rod

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    I could be wrong but I bet she won't be covered. Ins. companies are heartless and not noted for taking on pre-existing conditions.:sad-little:
  4. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Rod has it right--insurance company most likely will not cover the pregnancy and, to be fair, they would be right in doing so, as you are not married.
  5. sweetpea

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    call the insurance company or ups hr 800-877-1508 (I think that is the right number your HR can give it to you )
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    Ask the insurance company. They could give you a better answer than any of us.
  7. 705red

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    Yes you should be covered once you have the marriage certificate! I know of many drivers that slipped the little lady the snake and wound up in the same boat you rae in.

    Over has it right, go and get married now in front of a judge and get her covered, this way you can still have your reception.

    Does she plan on wearing white?
  8. drewed

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    Its really classy, my bro had this problem, he had to shotgun marriage it....she was huge....and wore white.....i laughed through the entire cermony...hahaa
  9. dilligaf

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    Tacky Drew. 20 yrs ago it was taboo, but even in the last 10 yrs it hasn't been a big deal. Why laugh about it? Just be happy for them.:peaceful:
  10. drewed

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    Umm because i was told she wasnt going to be wearing white......then she was and yea its tacky to wear white when you 8 months prego.....
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    nah not anymore:peaceful:
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    in my mind it is, at the very least its not classy
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    Dillis right. Everyone wears white now.
  14. rod

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    So let me get this straight-- you can go out and knock someone up-get married by a JP - have a kid--insurance pays for it -get a quickee divorce- (what are you out - a couple hundred bucks) ?--------What a great country.
  15. mainebrown

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    You should call your insurance company......if u lived here in Maine for example; she will be covered if she had insurance no more than 33 days before she gets on with you, but u need to be married. If it has been more than 33 days without her having insurance, then in order to get on with you, she will have to go without new prescribed medications, doctor visits for 3 months…Then she will be added with you....if she needs medication or doctor visits, then she will be put on your insurance 12 months from the day you requested the coverage. This is for pre-existing conditions….

    I have a similar problem with my fiancé who has heart disease, we are getting married in august, but lost her insurance due to the fact that she was 21, and just finished she was without insurance for more than 2 months...we called and that is what we were told....since she needs medications, and doctors visits, we will need to wait a year then she will be added to my insurance for full coverage.
    Although I think ups does coverage for pregnancy’s even if you’r not married, if u can prove its your child they have to insure the unborn child.
  16. heeyUPS

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    not sure about the pre-existing, but my "common law" spouse was approved for benefits with a little homework and red tape. We had to prove our state's common law requirements, then prove we fulfill those requirements. We didn't have to get married by JP, preacher, wear white, or any of the above. We just had to prove our union has been consummated! When we volunteered to send them a video, they cracked up laughing and indicated our admission of consummation was proof enough. Check into your state's common law statutes and call eHR to determine if your benefits cover common law spouse as well as marrieds. Best of luck and congratulations!
  17. altstewie

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    I went through the same situation. They dont cover the past bills. They will cover everything from the date of your submission of your marriage certificate to them. So basically once shes covered on your insurance as a spouse. She will get all the benefits.

    But i would call the hr number above because this happend to me in 2004 and maybe things have changed.
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    LOL @705red "slip the little lady the snake":funny:
  20. dannyboy

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    At first the way the question was framed, I was going to say no, your insurance will not cover both a pregnant fiance and a wife at the same time.

    But seriously, you do have some fast issues to clear up.

    Most insurances will cover pre-existing conditions if you had insurance coverage before that was covering the "health issue."

    With that in mind, you must keep her insured until you get married. That way, all the bills will be paid. Before your union by hers, then after the union by yours. The issue is that of non coverage during a time period before she gets on your insurance that they have a problem with.

    As I said, that is the policy with most insurances. IT can vary. So check with the insurance carrier that has your insurance.

    REason I know this is the case is my hand.

    Our insurance has been paying the bills since august. Now my wifes insurance changed at the first of the year. I could keep mine, but it would cost $500 a month, while hers is employer paid.

    As long as I had insurance that covered me until dec 31, her new insurance picked up the coverage without missing a beat on jan 1.

    Do the right thing. Marry her. Now!!!!