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    Hi all. I was recently hired as a preloader. i have only worked 1 official day and i am told to call every morning to see if i'm needed or not. when i was hired i was told i was permanent and not seasonal, so does this seem right? this is only my second week but i feel like i should have worked more than 1 day so far. is this normal until i have more time with the company? thanks!
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    It may be that the volume in your center does not justify you working every day. It will soon enough.
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    Your seasonal.
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    Chances are you were lied to. Ask union if you are hired as seasonal or permanent, 99.9% chance you are only a temp to be dispensed after Dec 31. UPS likes to do this to hook people in for the holidays. (give false hope-promise of a perm position to keep people hungry)

    If you expected a permanent position and were lied to, as happens quite often (I've seen it happen first hand), let your co-workers know (especially the other seasonals). Maybe you could all walk out together, right before Christmas. It'd be a sight to see anyway.